The Bully Mistress


I think I have been blooded as a teacher, if such a thing is possible. Metaphorically speaking, of course, though I would’t have minded spilling some blood.

Having quiet a pleasant lesson with my year 7 class on Friday, when one student announces that a student absent that day has created an online chatroom titled that the subject “sucks” (no doubt spelt sux, knowing the particular student, a  twelve year old, girl). By extension I therefore sucked.

Another student replies, “Did you see my comment?” Followed by three of the loveliest girls in the class declaring “I deleted it instantly”. I didn’t make a fuss, merely carried on working as it is best not to make an issue and give the matter legs.

Afterwards, I forward it to the Bodies That Be, and asked them to have a conversation with said student about the decisions she was making and the consequences of her own behaviour.

IT followed it up, students were pulled from class for assistance in passwords and access and it appears that the chat room has had it name changed and been shut down.

No doubt, the absent leader of the pack was alerted, and I hope will suffer a long anxious weekend waiting for Monday to arrive and her return to class.

This type of thing happens to many teachers at some stage. It is so easy these days when parents don’t instil the right values in their children. What puzzles me though, the girl in question is not one I have really had issues with. In fact, I have gone out of my way to assist her with technology issues throughout the term. Yes, she can’t handle simple things like remembering her password, but she can set up a chat room! I guess, I must have taught her something!

There are boys in the class who are almost uncontrollable, and other subject teachers are having the same problems as I, so it is not really my teaching or pedagogy in particular. I can only surmise that she is trying to fit in, or be Queen Bee.

I am not angry, I am more disappointed than anything. We have had a major problem with bullying in years 7-9 this year. I think because helicopter parents have created narcissistic kids with no moral compass. When the school approaches parents to try to work with them and the student, the parents push back and try to bully the school! Students continually attempt to bully teachers, and are ruining lives in the process.

I also feel so sorry for those students, who do the right thing, have that moral compass, for they get short shifted because of the time and energy directed towards the difficult students.

So Little Queen Bee, will be welcomed warmly back into my class next week, and we may just have an entire lesson on cyber bullying, with a very fine example of chat room bullying and “mean” girls.

8 thoughts on “The Bully Mistress

  1. I hope Queen WannaBee is lying awake tonight, shaking as she envisions what her fate will be, come Monday morning. In my experience however, most of these students have this naive belief that what they post online will never be seen by their teachers, or there are no consequences in the real world for what they blab on the internet. When they’re called onto the carpet, they’re usually shocked or in a state of denial—“no, I didn’t really say those things!” or “everyone else says stuff like that, so what’s the big deal?” I had a 19-year-old student burst into tears when I confronted her with things she has said on her Facebook page about a teacher she didn’t care for.

    I don’t know what else to do: as you said, these students are usually narcissists or living in a fantasy world where they are never held responsible for their actions. What a pity it’s their parents who’ve aided and abetted in their behavior.

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  2. Good for you, glad you nipped it in the bud. You’re correct–parents have not instilled proper moral values so now there are a couple of generations of brats who believe they’re entitled to whatever they want and it’s never enough. I hope she’s shaking in her boots. Lucy


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