I’m laden with sadness

Multitasking, ipad and TV at the same time, I fumbled with the cable remote and hit a music channel instead of the TV channel I was seeking.

The song, “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” was playing, and suddenly I was taken back to childhood, when we were still three children at home, with Mum and Dad. The memory felt like it was a winter’s night and we were all doing our own thing.

I don’t think it was of a particular night, more images created by emotion. The image was so strong, that in my mind’s eye I could see Dad sitting in the kitchen reading a paper, Mum at the sink, my brother and sister in their rooms.

As the song continued and the emotions washed over me, I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness, and of course, loss, for nothing is as it was then.

The power of music, and even more, the power of memory – and love, above all, love.

5 thoughts on “I’m laden with sadness

  1. Music has an amazing ability to bring back memories, even ones we haven’t visited in a long while. There are a number of songs from the 70s that’ll suddenly turn me into a college student, trying to cram in a few more minutes of study before a big final, or sobbing over the breakup from my very first boyfriend. (Supertramp and Doobie Brothers, anyone?)

    I hope you garnered some happiness from your memories. Thinking again about the people no longer in your life is hard. Remembering how you spent your time together can sometimes bring joy, however. 🙂

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  2. Music can pinpoint a memory or feeling with such accuracy that one is sometimes taken aback. It can be colors, scents, shadows, lights in the trees…all can be conjured up by a chance listen of only a few notes.

    It is sad to reminded of that which can be no more. But on the other hand, it is insurance that one will never forget.

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