walk a day in my shoes

bob hair

Put my tunic on backwards this morning, and considered leaving it so, as we are all declaring we are going backwards at the school instead of forwards lately!

On the way to school I was followed by a motorcycle cop who gave me a side glance (!), saw a hot air balloon sailing in the sky and thought, I would never want to do that, and was accompanied by two wood ducks into the school grounds.

“And remember Mrs Flamingo Dancer loves you!” I said to the retreating backs of my home class.

“Oh Miss you are so sweet” she said.

“Sweet like a peanut butter sandwich!” he answered.

I am sweet like a peanut butter sandwich! High sugar content peanut butter obviously.


Why do they make “slippery when wet” signs so lightweight that a gust of wind knocks them down? Meaning I have walk across the slippery surface to reposition the sign?


“Don’t you love the nice feeling after you do a dump?” he said.

“Mate, the Librarian is standing right behind you.”


“Miss, I cut my butt on the heater at the weekend.”


Can no one replace a chair under the table?


Today I had two classes to supervise simultaneously. One was the senior physics class and the other, the work skills students. The physics kids filled whiteboards with equations. The career kids discussed a porn king and took selfies.

Once again I had to explain to a female student why she should not use the c*** word because she didn’t understand that she was calling herself inferior by calling another person by a slang word for a female body part. Be still my feminist heart.

The local paper has been including parts of a life size poster of a NRL player (football not soccer) in the paper each day. Minerva was insistent that I remember to rescue the third in the series today. I did. It was a poster of his team shorts clad groin. Can imagine the talk in his club locker room today. I know what it was like around the library!


The Archbishop came to visit. I greeted him as he entered the library. He ignored me. He-ignored-me!  One can only surmise that he is deaf as well as stupid. We were invited to take tea with him after school. I had other things to do … like get on with the rest of my life.

Home : a hot dog with balsamic onions, cheese and bacon, and a moscow mule in a tall tumbler to drink.


5 thoughts on “walk a day in my shoes

  1. I want to know more about how someone cut their butt on a heater …

    And as for the chairs/tables thing … I’ve been asking that at work for 21 years. Apparently “they” don’t grow out of it.


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