world domination is neigh

… one Flamingo Dancer at a time.

FD baby

The April Bride, Daughter2 , is currently, as described by Mr FD, our Gestation Unit. A new little person is due to join our family in late December! Petite Fille will have a cousin!

Not quite a honeymoon baby, more a slightly pre-honeymoon baby. We estimate D2 was about 2 weeks pregnant on their wedding day, which might account for why I had to expend so much effort into buttoning her into her wedding dress (no so much baby, as baby fluid bloat!)

This wee one will have the Flamingo Dancer surname, as baby’s Daddy has taken our surname. Nice timing too, well not for the baby having to have a Christmas birthday, but for moi – I will be on school holidays and so able to travel to Perth for the impending event!

So, my evilosity will spread through the generations, to eventually reach total world domination. One baby at a time. Slow but sure!

Happy Days.

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