The Birthday Adventure

young us

Mission accomplished. We treated my sister to lunch in Toowoomba, in a restaurant where she has not been before. She even enjoyed a glass of wine, which is really letting her hair down as far as Sister is concerned!

Then, it was on a movie. Purchasing the tickets I had to smile as I asked for “Two seniors, and an adult ticket please.” I was the adult, which is a worry at the best of times!

middle us

We went to the Pixar movie, Inside Out, which we thoroughly enjoyed. I don’t think it will connect all that well with children, but from an “adult’s” point of view it is a timely reminder that life has both sadness and joy, and it is what we make of it that is the fabric of our lives.

So much excitement! We were exhausted by the time we dropped Sister back to her house – at 4pm! Talk about rocking the high life!

old glam


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