truth to tell

mac flamingo I kind of lied this morning. I didn’t actually feel unbridled happiness; more tired, bitter and twisted. Bone wrenching exhaustion accompanied me as I limped across the finish line, but I got there!

Today was a day of farewells to a couple of long standing staff members, both of whom are spectacular teachers who gave more than a 110% to their students and their colleagues, but neither could find peace with the new regime and so have chosen to move on. They will be missed. More than a few other teachers are feeling the same.

I don’t feel that I want to move on, and to be honest we in our fifties don’t find it easy to find new employment these days, if we ever did. I am not unhappy, just a little frustrated that things have become so governed by the rule book. That said, it is far better than the last regime – they were cruel and inhumane in their treatment of individuals and I was so glad to see them exit.

So, obviously I need this short break to recharge and regain my mojo.

Mr FD has been away the last couple of days. He and his sister have gone south to visit their aged uncle. I never enjoy the trip, so I am grateful that they decided to go while I was still working. It has been very enjoyable having the bed to myself for a night or two, however. I dare say they may arrive back tomorrow as Uncle is not the easiest of people to spend time with, but duty calls!

Next month Mr FD is having his knee replaced. A week in hospital and then he has elected to go to rehab for a couple of days before returning home. I dare say, he will enjoy the nurses fussing over him, despite the pain of the operation. He is having the operation in the same city that I teach in, so I can just run to the hospital after work each day. Joy. Not looking forward to the recovery period at home, as Mr FD can be very “needy” at such times. It will be nice though, to have him walking about again, and not in pain after as little as 10 steps! Maybe he will start taking Augie for walks – they are both a little overweight from lack of exercise!

I may sleep in tomorrow, in fact, I feel a pyjama day coming on – and I think there is rain forecast. Perfect winter holiday! carol landis

9 thoughts on “truth to tell

  1. A good break to recharge is just what the doctor ordered. You will need to save your energy (and patience) for the home recovery. A friend had a knee replacement last summer and the healing went faster than it used to. New techniques and easier recovery.


  2. I have a friend that has had both knees replaced and is doing very well, but she is a woman and we all know women are tougher. Take that pajama day while you can!


  3. The school district I work in has also switched to a by-the-book form of administration, largely because of complaints by students and their parents. Nothing like the threat of a lawsuit to make administrators sit up and take notice, though their response has been to punish any employee caught breaking the rules. Morale has not been good, so we’re also seeing a number of great teachers and staff retire this summer.

    I hope you’re able to recharge and regroup, and Mr. FD doesn’t lean too heavily on you during his recovery!


    • If it gives me a day off I will celebrate 4th July – especially if there is food and rink involved! I don’t hate USA – I just think some Americans are very silly at times, but the same can be said for many Australians! Take our Prime Minister for instance … please take him! (I know old joke, but I am serious!)


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