sign of the times

list 1

Upon first seeing this photograph, my initial thought was, what good is a grocery list on a wall when I am in the supermarket? Then I realised, I could take a photo of the wall and have it in my iPhone, and voila, no more lists left at home!

Of course I would have to remember to take the photo in the first instance. And make sure I had my phone. And make sure it was charged.

Maybe I will just shop online.


Q: If you did write your list on your wall, would you include things like tampons, condoms, incontinence pads  and haemorrhoid cream?


9 thoughts on “sign of the times

  1. Dear god, no! If only to spare my friends and loved ones visions of what I do in the privacy of the bathroom.

    I prefer keeping little notepads in convenient places, where I make my lists for shopping and things-to-do. Of course, I tend to forget my shopping list at home when I head for the supermarket, but I usually can remember everything on the list since I wrote it all down. (Writing is a powerful memory prompt, I have been told.)

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  2. No one ever visits so it doesn’t matter … but, yeah, my list would be ONLY stuff like that.

    My wife writes a list, we do remember to take it, but I have to ask her “What’s this?” several times because I cannot make out her hand writing or spelling. Mine would be just as bad, btw.


  3. I lose things so a list would be no use to me at all. My good lady wife does the shopping and never sticks to the list she has. It’s a wonder were not bankrupt or starving!


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