remember why you started?

Remember why

Do you remember why you started blogging?

It all seems so long ago now, perhaps eight years, since I started blogging on Vox. Exactly why is now shrouded in my memory as well, but I know I still love it as much now, as I did during those first posts.


I remember wanting to update my ICT skills. I actually purchased a book to instruct me on how to blog! The authors recommended Vox as a good platform for a novice and as I was certainly that, Vox it was. Oh, those heady, Vox days; they were like a long, Saturday afternoon party with friends. Then, they were gone and we were cast adrift. Some of us landed on WordPress.


My “name” was easy to choose – Flamingo Dancer. Ever watched a flock of flamingos performing their mating dance? They are all together, but each within themselves as they experience the moment. It was the metaphor to represent my construction of our human society : alone in our individual experience, but still within our community. I would choose the same name today.

The first friends I made were Margy, Aussie Emjay and Cat, Snowy and GOF. Followed shortly after by dderbydave, GOM and leendadll. All still friends today, though I prefer to think of them as loyal subjects! Oh, so many loyal subjects; friends.

thank oyu best

Eight years ago, I worked in the Basement of Discontent at a University. Since then I have celebrated by fiftieth birthday, and several more after that. Danced at the weddings of two daughters, been gifted two wonderful son in laws; welcomed a granddaughter, lost a dearly loved brother in law, walked with my Mum as she journeys through dementia, farewelled both parents in law; been retrenched, returned to university as a full time student, and survived almost six years of teaching and four  of those  as a teacher librarian. Oh, and moved from the city to the country and bought a dog! Whew!

fabulous me

Many of you have been with me all the way and what a joy you have been. A joy and a blessing, for you have allowed me to be “me”, whatever my mood, or thoughts. You have accepted and dare I say, even encouraged from time to time, my evilosities. When I am exhausted from being nice for too long, you are there, giving me space and giving me voice.

...but if you tell anyone I hugged you, I will deny everything!

…but if you tell anyone I hugged you, I will deny everything!

Every day, I get to write my words, to be creative in the way that I need and for that I am grateful. What a gift and a bonus, blogging has been for me. It is as much a part of my life now as my numerous cups of tea each day, my books and I hope the children don’t read this; my family.

word image

And now, what about you? Why did you commence blogging?


I’ll make us a cup of tea and you can tell me all about you…

tea cup stack

24 thoughts on “remember why you started?

  1. Well done. I started blogging because friends urged me to. I hesitated for a year or two because I didn’t know what I’d write about. Then the title came to me during a yoga class. A friend told me the blog would evolve and I’ve found that to be true. I blog for several reasons: 1) to force myself to be accountable, 2) to develop my writing skills, and 3) to be creative. The bonus has been finding interesting people like you.

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    • It is amazing how great ideas emerge when we are doing something physical. No wonder writer’s like to walk!
      We are an amazing group, aren’t we. I find myself talking about my “blog” friends with my every day friends as though they should know each other!


  2. Aaah — flamingo mating dance – I had wondered about the name of your blog. What a neat trip down memory lane.

    I had to get up and fire up an old computer to try to figure out when I started blogging. The earliest entry I could find saved on my computer was from 2008. I started blogging on myspace sometime around then, but I deleted that account years ago. I’ve been on wordpress for five years.

    I’ve thought often about why I’m so compelled to blog. My blog functions as a creative outlet and as a form of reflection and remembrance. The platform helps me organize my thoughts and writing. It’s like having an electronic scrapbook that doesn’t clutter up my living space.


  3. I started blogging as a showpiece for a consulting business I was going to do. The problem is that I preferred to write humorous stories and had no interest in further business writing after I retired. So I decided to do what was fun. I loved my old job but I much prefer writing about stupid people and goofy cats!


    • I suspect that most of us would say that our blog has emerged to be nothing like our original concept. Mine has had many faces over the years, just as my life has changed, so has it, but the inner core remains the same. I always endeavour to be true to me.

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  4. I started blogging when someone on… some cat site… LOLCats? that doesn’t feel right… anyway, they had invites for vox and a bunch of us signed up. i’ve stayed because i met great people (oh, how I miss the community-building design of vox! [esp as everyone seems to be disappearing]) and it turned out to be a great brain dump.

    dang it, what site was it that sent us to vox?!?!?!


    • I was told it was Cute Overload, though that’s not where I started out from. I grumbled to my daughters, who were then in college, that sending an email summary of all that’d been happening at home every week was getting onerous. My oldest said, why don’t you start a blog then? and sent me an invite to Vox. Ironically, the kids got tired of blogging fast, but I stuck with it. When Six Apart announced the demise of Vox, I thought, well that’s it, I’m done….and then everyone migrated here to WordPress.

      It’s odd. It’s like this addiction I swear I’m going to drop, like smoking, only this has been a lot harder. It must be the company here. 🙂

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      • Yep, that could definitely be it. All I know is that it’s one of many that changed format so that I quit reading it. And vox came along just as I was thinking of blogging.


        • Not a problem! I haven’t added you either because…I don’t know why. The last time I added a former Voxer to my Reader, he completely stopped blogging. I figured I must be a jinx, or people freak out when they see the “HG has started to follow you.” (Which does sound kind of creepy. Like the mysterious text message I got once, saying, “They’re coming right now, you better run”)

          (I should add, the phone number I got a few years ago used to belong to a teenaged kid. I periodically get messages for him/her, like “Hi can u talk?” I reply, “Last time I checked, yes.” Completely scared the sender.)

          Anyway, subscribed to you now! 🙂


  5. Is it really that long since we landed on Vox? I started blogging on an Australian blogsite, White Page. They were forced to change the name to Blognow, and it eventually died. We considered where to continue blogging and Vox was suggested. And what an experience that was. Then Vox died and many of us drifted off to WordPress and then Facebook, but the magic was gone. My WordPress page is sadly neglected. I’ll always be glad that I formed friendships such as yours, FD. Good to see you still getting such pleasure from blogging. May it long continue.

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  7. I started blogging as I had nothing to do in a lethargic afternoon. Instead of going to take a nap, I chose to download an app and tried my very first time to start blogging. I think blogging is a wonderful and awesome way to link people from different countries,religions and ages to share their own opinions. I start realising that blogging is also a stage for me to vent all my frustrations, share my feelings and do anything I want without much consideration or hesitation. I love this sort of privacy although none of my friends ever know that I have been so active in blogging for months.

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  8. Hello again. Thanks for the mention. I started blogging after a brief separation from my good lady and just before my third child was born. The reason I started was simply to diarise my life, the marriage, the kids. That was 11 years ago on 20six. I write “from the hip” and have never really touted for business. If you want to carry on reading, then do so. If not then, meh.
    By the way, the oldest blog was started by Rupert Goodwins in 1996.

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