All wrapped up with a side of volcano

bali too

Back to school tomorrow. Wasn’t that a fun holiday? Well, I guess I got to tick off some important “to do” health tasks, so really the staycation glass is half full.

The colonoscopy appears to have gone well. I remember nothing of the actually procedure which is as it should be. Some things we do not need to make memory connections with or to.  I didn’t read the prep notices until the day of the prepping and so received an ugly surprise regarding the “new procedure” which entailed a second round of drink mix. I needed to rise at 3am for that as I was required to be at the hospital by 6.30am.

One polyp was removed, and the full report will follow. No one voiced any concern so we will proceed with that mind set. Five years, hopefully, until the next round, and I sincerely pray someone has developed a more humane prep by then. A virtual colonoscopy would be good…

lego librarian

Checked my school emails and found out that I have been moved from one ICT class to teach two religion classes. Well, one middle school religion class and a senior religion and ethics class. No unit information provided, so no lesson planning until we return and I can catch up with the curriculum leader. Will make for an interesting first day if I have to teach either class tomorrow! I am really looking forward to the”ethics” part of religion and ethics. New challenge.

I always love first day back and having to listen to all the travel stories of other teachers who actually don’t stay home and have colonoscopies. I am wondering how many will be trapped in Bali, due to the volcano dust forcing flight cancellations. I’d love to hear that phone in teacher absence message, “I am absent today due to a volcano.”

Personally, I have no desire to visit Bali. I am sure it is a lovely country but it does have a rather “ugly Australian tourist” image attached to it – cheap drink and drugs holidays for the suburbanites. However, I can think of worse places to be marooned for a few days. Better than going to work!

My niece and her family are currently renting a villa in Greece for six weeks. They didn’t ask me…

7 thoughts on “All wrapped up with a side of volcano

  1. Maybe you could just pop on over to Greece for a drop-in visit with your niece. Oh, and I think they do have other ways besides the colonoscopy over here. I’m due, so I’ll be learning more.


  2. YOU will be teaching religion? Ooh … you’re chance to form your own cult! July 2015 marks the beginning of HOoF – Holy Order of Flamingos …

    I’m not too sure I’d be wanting to stay in Greece right now, but I bet it’s cheap.


  3. Oh, you don’t want to go to Greece anyway. Crime is dreadful there, the last wine harvest was awful, and the government may go belly up anytime now. At least that’s what I tell myself.

    I’ll also be interested to hear what you teach in a middle school religion class. When I was in graduate school at a Catholic university, it was “suggested” I take a theology and literature class. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but it turned out to be one of my most interesting classes, maybe because our professor, a Jesuit, had us read works that were more philosophical and addressed towards ethics. It didn’t convert me, but it made me value philosophy and living well a lot more.


    • I don’t know that much about the curriculum content and I am rather lapsed as they say, but I think the focus is more justice and concern for others.


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