the nasty is back

bothers me

Things that annoy me:

Books used as design accessories

Bookcases and shelving that don’t care for the book

Lists – lists of the things I need to have, books I must read or places I need to visit before I die. I don’t read them.

Businesses, or people just trying to sell me something, following my blog.

All those web site creators who keep sending us emails to tell us that they think our website is crap and that they can do a better one for us.

The 9,463,821 chocolate cake recipes pinned to Pinterest. It’s a chocolate cake people.

The amount of time I spend on Pinterest.

People writing my first name on work lists or emails in a shortened form that I rarely use and have not given them permission to use. If I sign the diminutive form to an individual it means you are a member of my inner circle. Do not presume.

Teacher who fob off teaching referencing skills to me, because they are too lazy to do it. They went to university, they know how to do it as well as I do. There are also apps to do it now. Look for the reference tool in Word.

People who think that just because I am a librarian I know every book in the library.

People who think librarians read and drink coffee all day. I drink tea for a start.

Teachers who think that just because a TL sits at a laptop for long periods of time that they are doing nothing. How do you think those databases get built? Who finds your websites?

People acting as though you can only read a traditional paper book, or an ebook, but not alternate as desired. That is the same as saying you can only eat beef and not chicken.

This one we probably all hate – bosses who ask for your input when they have already made up their minds.

Being told by bosses to run to the left when we have all just run to the right. You know what I mean.

Applauding people for just doing their job. Maybe they haven’t been doing their job and now that they have, and someone noticed?

All those sickening quotes about adversity making your stronger, or dark days make you appreciate the good days. Bullshit. Adversity is like being pecked to death by ducks. Shit just happens.

The colour yellow. In a yellow room I become very agitated.

How when you tell someone that you are having a medical procedure or surgery, they need to tell you the one horror story they know related to that issue, not the 999 good outcome stories.

People who tell toddlers that they need to be a “big” girl, or boy now. No, they are toddlers, let them be. Plenty of time to be “big” and it is not what it is cracked up to be, anyway. Enjoy, little.

Climate deniers and creationists. What is your agenda?

When you say that you are hot or cold, someone replying, “I’m not!” Was I asking if you were? Does you being not hot make me less hot?

People who make a fuss about drinking tea or coffee and then drink cola or an energy drink containing caffeine.

People who complain about needing a new life and then do nothing about it. There is no fairy godmother.

Drivers who get annoyed at me for driving exactly the speed limit. Exactly the speed limit. Who gave you permission to speed and risk our lives?

Telecommunication companies.

Supermarket chains pretending they are warm and fuzzy and caring.

Lame children’s  “book nook” images. What is wrong with reading on a bed, in a beanbag, on a couch, or at a table?

Parents who have their kids in so many activities that they are too tired for school, or too busy to do homework.

Parents who allow their high schoolers to work so many hours in their part time job that the kids neglect their education. Education before stuff.

The ease at which I have been able to create this list…

bother me


The particular individuals who annoy me list will follow at a later date. It is much longer.


9 thoughts on “the nasty is back

  1. Years ago I was flipping through an interior decorating magazine, when I came across an article suggesting that one should go to a used book shop or library book sale and pick up some books to use as decor “for the country house library look.” Were they actually saying there are people out there who don’t read and who regard books as just home accessories, to use the marketing phrase? I was shocked.

    I sheepishly admit that I spend more time than I should on Pinterest. I have boards with over a thousand followers, and it embarrasses me. What originally was just a suggestion by my daughters (who introduced me to blogging as well) has become an addiction. I should be spending my time on more productive efforts—ooh, look! A vintage photograph of French bicycle racers!

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  2. Just completed a gripe blog and then read your list which is by far longer and better than mine.
    The tea and coffee thing, the hot and cold thing, bosses, tick tick tick.
    I may have to delete Pinterest. It’s too much like flicking through a Home and Garden magazine in a waiting room.


  3. I don’t mind if you drive the speed limit. Just don’t do it in the fast lane in SoCal. (“speed limit” is general considered the minimum here)

    One of my prides at this new job is getting the facilities crew to adjust the temp by ONE degree. All the women went from freezing to comfy. ONE degree!

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    • One degree – I can see how it works. It is like when I asked Mr FD to increase the volume on the TV. Usually I only required up a level or two, but Mr FD goes berserk and adds about 8 levels of volume. Guys just don’t understand how to be subtle.


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