fully expecting the sky to fall


A most unusual day.

During the course of one day, I received four very generous and honest compliments about the LibGuides site that I have spent the last couple of months building and adding resources to, for students and teachers.

At the same time, Minerva, my erstwhile assistance, received two compliments.

It it wonderful to know that we are helping people, and that our skills are appreciated, but it has left us both waiting for that inevitable smack in the back of the head that always seems to follow a good day.

Paranoid? Perhaps. However, I dare anyone to tell me that they haven’t experienced  having an “ego building” day only to have the Big Whatever bring them down not long after.

Speaking of the Big Whatever. Today, we covered the 10 commandments in class. It was only when I was knee deep in the lesson content that I realised that I was going to have to explain “Thou shall not commit adultery” to 11 and 12 year olds. I mean, there is no way of knowing if they all even know “the facts of life”!

I ummed and ahhhed my way through what I hoped was a politically correct explanation, hoping my description would pass the dinner table conversation of students and parents, mindful that a number of families are blended families. I shouldn’t have worried, for one of the back row boys piped up and said “Oh, you mean don’t mess around!” The other students nodded their heads in solemn agreement.

Then, it was onto coveting your neighbour’s wife! I took the feminist view and talked about the language used and how it could be viewed that a wife was just another belonging. It was a much more satisfying discussion as far as I was concerned!

A most unusual day.

2 thoughts on “fully expecting the sky to fall

  1. It’s not paranoia if it’s true! And, yes, I’ve had that experience – my boss telling me what a great guy I was and what a wonderful job I’d done and giving me the best annual review I’ve ever gotten … and then telling me that everyone on the job was getting a raise EXCEPT FOR ME because I’m at the top of the seniority list and they were allowing the others to ‘catch up’ to me. Yeah, that really made me feel special and made me REALLY want to do a great job from then on …

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  2. GOM was just talking about “waiting for the other shoe to drop” and I definitely experience the same.. unusually good stuff typically proceeds unusually bad stuff!


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