one shoe, two shoes

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Waiting for the other shoe to drop is a rather anxious occupation. First, there was the abundance of compliments showered upon me, since returning to school this term. Then, I return to find that I have been removed from teaching a subject I did not enjoy teaching. I had been asking since this time last year to no avail, and then bang, my dream comes true.

I was rewarded with a subject I find more interesting, and allows me to use my english and history subject knowledge. This has been followed by a very light substitute cover timetable, In fact, so far I have been given only one double period to supervise for an absent colleague, and that was in the library.

There is no doubt that a pound of flesh will be extracted at some time, for it is my personal experience that these types of occurrences do not happen in my life. Well, if they do, not in this quantity and never this close together!

I sound rather fatalistic, but it is like people dying in threes.You don’t believe me? Just pay attention next time a famous person dies, there will be a total of three, within days, who will die. I always imagine them being really pissed off that someone else died and stole their publicity! Good is usually dissolved by bad, a bit like osmosis.

Possibly, this is why religion has flourished – to hedge our bets against the inevitable evils that befall us.

No doubt many of you will advise me to “have positive thoughts”. Not working; for nothing has ever come easily in my life. Other people can pop out for a coffee and receive a job offer. Me? I have to go through three rounds of interviews, be rejected, then fight for reconsideration and maybe, just maybe, slip in the side door. Not an exaggeration. Those who followed me through the last five years will attest to my reality.

Not that I am not enjoying the “good times”. I am very, very grateful. Why I am almost enthusiastic when my alarms sounds at 5am each weekday. Almost. I have to be honest, my ambition now is to retire sometime before I am committed to Sunny Lanes Retirement Home.

I just hope my luck holds until the end of the week. Tomorrow should be a non teaching day, so that I can work in the library all day. Friday I am off to the city for a Teacher Librarian’s conference. I love TL conferences, I always come away with at least one idea or thought or creative project. These things are what you make of them, though I am rather unforgiving of poor presenters and being told how to suck a lemon. At least this one is at Brisbane’s art precinct, so if all fails there will always be a museum or gallery to wander until the next session.

Go forth, my lovelies and spread my  word…

2 thoughts on “one shoe, two shoes

  1. Why be optimistic about anything? Optimists are always disappointed when things don’t work out right … pessimists are pleasantly surprised when things occasionally go their way. Seems the pessimists have the better deal there.

    The First Commandment of HOoF – “Thou shalt not be stupidly positive about anything.”


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