Looking for the small moment, any small moment.

doggy do

Every night, Augie Dog sleeps on the floor beside my side of the bed. My side of the bed is also the far side from the bathroom. Should the need arise to travel to the bathroom during the night, I have to negotiate around a 40kg dog sprawling between bed and wall, his head often tucked under the bed. His head is the only part of him that will fit under our bed these days. In his “younger days” Augie would climb under our bed every night. Now, like Clifford the Big Red Dog, our bed would balance on top of Augie if he attempted to climb under, I am sure!

Having to perform a balancing tip toe routine while endeavouring to make a fast trip to the loo is quite an acrobatic trip some nights.

It was only last night, the fourth night of Mr FD’s absence, that I realised that I really didn’t have to perform the routine, for I can actually just roll to Mr FD’s side of our bed and rise to my feet like the goddess that I am. Yes, a bit slow on the uptake, but I argue that I am running on near empty these days!

No skirting dog bits, or furniture; just a clear seven or eight steps to the bathroom. I never realised how easy he has it!

Maybe I should move the furniture while he is absent, to provide us with an equal opportunity for injury obstacle course to the bathroom, though I fear it just may lead me to having to visit Mr FD in hospital on a regular basis. He hasn’t seen his toes since 1989 and is prone to kicking them on corners of walls and furniture, so maybe, for my own sake, I should leave well alone. I guess the floor routine is keeping me flexible and agile!

You win some, you lose some.

2 thoughts on “Looking for the small moment, any small moment.

  1. I always commandeer the side of the bed with the easier and faster route to the bathroom. My husband doesn’t have as many trips as I do. On a good day, it’s only one but some days it’s more.


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