Mister update


If you were wondering; and if you weren’t, you should have been, about Mr FD. He is now in rehab of the knee kind, not the drug or alcohol kind and progressing fairly well. The doctor is predicting about another week of rehabilitation before Mr FD is allowed home.

He is still in pain, more severe at night which is expected. Daily, he undertakes two long sessions of physiotherapy, so he is progressing well. However, almost daily there is some mix up with his medication. Son wondered the other day if someone is purposely shortchanging Mr FD on the pain relief and pocketing half.

The rehab building is very run down. It is a private hospital and no doubt is paid a fortune for their services by our medical insurer, but I don’t think the money is going on the facilities. It is a catholic institution so perhaps the money is going to pay for all those  paedophilia law suits! Sadly, there seems to be an ever growing number of paedophilia victims – even victims of former British Prime Ministers!

The hospital has an aged care wing, and independent living units adjoining, and I keep threatening Mr FD with rolling him over into either as he is now officially a senior. Some days, he looks as though he is ready to accept!

So, it seems I shall also be maintaining my crazy schedule of burning up and down the freeway, between home, the school 40 minutes away, and then onto the city after school to visit Mr FD. It means an hour of driving to return home every night. Next time elective surgery is required, I am going to make sure Mr FD undergoes the knife during school holidays. At least one of us should have an easier time, and naturally it should be me!

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