home again, home again, crutchety crutch.

home again

The pretty face wallaby waiting on the neighbouring footpath was all Mr FD needed to convince him that he had left the city behind and was finally home , two and a half weeks post knee replacement.

Son had to take Augie Dog onto the patio until Mr FD made it safely to a chair, because an excited 40 kg golden retriever dog jumping for joy around him, was not something Mr FD on crutches could cope with.

Mr FD’s “self medication” is in fact moi handing out his tablets!  Each time I do so, I call out “never marry an older man, you just end up being his nurse!” (Mr FD is eight years older than I). He ignores me, Son ignores me, even Augie ignores me. I think I am very entertaining, and that is all that matters.

I repeated the comment as I pulled Mr FD’s pressure stocking up his legs this morning. This time, Mr FD apologised for all the “trouble” he was causing.

Good to have him home and suffering guilt again.

4 thoughts on “home again, home again, crutchety crutch.

  1. I’m sure Mr. FD, Son and Augie appreciate you, but being male, they are not good at showing it. Sometimes they need a reminder, like a good poke with a stick. 😉

    I haven’t said this before, but I do love the retro photos and illustrations you use for your posts on this blog. The one here intrigues me. Did she just read a letter that has revealed an indiscretion on his part? He looks abashed, she looks…pensive. There is no stick next to her writing desk, but one has a feeling she may go looking for one soon.


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