puppy love

love me

I don’t think I can keep this home nursing thing up. It has been two days and already I am totally exhausted by caring and being nice.

Mr FD is all very polite about it, and grateful for what I do, but all the needy stuff is really wearing out my small reserves of niceness.

Medication at this time and that time. And the pressure stockings are irritating the skin on his leg so I have to rub moisturiser into his leg. It doesn’t help to see that he has less hair on his legs that I do on mine either. Then again he has a hairy back and I don’t.

Augie Dog knows Mr FD is hurting to and is trying to be very gentle around Mr FD. He was out in his yard, peeing, (Augie, not Mr FD) and Mr FD said, “It is wonderful coming home to a dog like that. I am so glad we got him.” and I wondered if he thought the same about me and would I need to go pee in the yard to get him to say it.

I don’t pee in the yard. I could, because we have lots of trees for privacy, but no doubt a delivery man or meter reader would arrive at the door as I did. And it might kill the grass, because Augie’s pee does. I don’t think I have peed in the yard since I was a toddler, if I did even then. It was a civilised upbringing.

12 thoughts on “puppy love

  1. lol at image of Mr FD peeing in the yard
    i peed in the backyard once – no visibility to the area but i still waited for dark of night. i think (hope?) it was one of the times all the water was off.

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  2. Our Little Boy (who is 7) had to pee when playing on the playground in the middle of the town’s square. He looked around, picked a tree, and off he went to do his business. We stopped him just in time and pointed him towards the public toilets on the other side of the square.


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