age is all very relative

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I’ve never been fixated on age; my theory being that age doesn’t really matter for we will all die on the day we are going to die!

Possibly, my attitude is influenced by the fact that there is a bit of an age gap between my elder sister, brother and I – eight and six years respectively. No matter my age I will always be the youngest!

Recently, I have become a little more “aware” of the ageing process; not my age though, my eldest niece’s!

Favourite Eldest Niece was born in the middle of my teenage years. I can still remember sharing the news that I was an aunt with my high school friends! So, in some ways, we “grew up” together.

Niece turned 41 at the weekend and that makes me feel old!

It doesn’t really make sense, I know, but her entering middle age actually makes me feel older than the fact that all my children are now in their thirties; or that I am  grandmother!  Go figure.


And the figure is 41!


6 thoughts on “age is all very relative

  1. I’m the youngest in my family too, and there is always that perception that you will somehow remain young forever. And I have 2 nieces and a nephew who were born when I was a teen- they’re all either 30 or close to it now, having families of their own, and it is a reminder of the passing of time. Which I’m as okay with as a person can be, I guess… what choice do we have?


  2. I’m managed by folk less than half my age which at times makes me feel decrepit.
    Like you I don’t think much about death. It’ll happen when it happens.


  3. I don’t worry about ageing so much as loss of mobility or energy because once those are lost you really are in a different realm. Currently I can swing my arms around like a dervish, and use a similar dancing style but one day that will not be possible, and I don’t look forward to that at all


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