diet – always easier said than done!

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Sick of being sick, mixed with a sunny dose of spring air, and a look in the mirror, I’ve decided that it’s never too late to pay attention to my diet, what I eat. I won’t mention my doctor reminding me I need a high fibre diet for my diverticultitis which is “very advanced for a woman her age” – except now, I have haven’t I?

Straight away I fell in love with an open sandwich of avocado, fresh baby leaves, tomato and asparagus on sour bread. I could eat it every day and may well do for the next few days. My snack has been almonds, a small piece of cheese and some dried apricots. Trying to increase my water intake, though I have always been a water drinker – and not just in my numerous cups of tea!

My weaknesses are sweet things, and fast food at the end of a long day when I can’t face cooking. I have been using the slow cooker more often, but there’s only so many times a week my family will tolerate that! I can’t blame them – slow cookers are very hit or miss, and often taste “stewed”.

I often think that people who live alone must find it easier to eat healthy meals, because they don’t have to cater for the likes and dislikes of a family. Then again, maybe it is easier to fall into bad habits!

Either way, I need to try, and try again. I know what to do, I just have to DO IT!

9 thoughts on “diet – always easier said than done!

  1. The benefit to living alone is that you have only to please yourself; BUT. . . It’s hard to cook a lot of dishes in small quantities (think soups, casseroles, spaghetti, etc.) and so very easy to get lazy and eat whatever is easy to grab. I made a veggie quiche the other day – tonight I will finish it. Finally!


  2. Diet has always been a struggle for me.
    When I was single I’d buy healthy things but also lean back on quick staples and the occasional take away. Now I live in a big household we have healthy options available but still lean on quick staples and the occasional take away.
    …. oh.

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