something is going to give


There’s this guy at work. The office he works in is opposite my office, and as soon as his supervisor is not physically present, he downs tools and comes into my office and tells me his opinion on everything, including education even though he is an IT technician and not an educator. If it is not his opinion, it is his father’s opinion. Both opinions are so far distant from my opinion as to be on separate planets in totally different universes.

I do the usual thing of keep working, no eye contact and just saying “mmm'” but to no avail. He actually cranes his neck to read papers on my desk, or my laptop screen, as well.

I have spoken to his supervisor previously, which gave me some relief for awhile, but it has peaked again this week. I have informed Minerva that if she doesn’t rescue me, I shall beat her to death. Minerva has taken to coming in to my office and declaring “I need to speak with my boss”, bless her little survivalist heart. (She knows my mantra is “revenge is sweet” and has seen the stick on my desk.)

To be honest, I am not the only one he pesters; we all have a turn. He can spend 30 minutes telling you how busy he is – busy because he avoids every bit of work he can!

BUT he is an IT technician and we all depend on him, so we can’t actually offend him. Slit his throat, maybe, but not actually dint his thick hide.


6 thoughts on “something is going to give

  1. I can’t help laughing a bit, as I just dealt with an obviously mentally ill homeless man who would not shut up and leave me alone after I gave him something to eat. Perhaps you did something kind for him, so now he thinks you are his BFF. Obviously he’s lonely, but maybe for a good reason. Not for nothing are IT nerds known for social awkwardness.


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