back on earth

chanel suit 1

Hello my darling, little people! The Queen has returned!The sugar high is gradually decreasing.

Daughter2 left on her plane for the west with more than a few tears on both sides, laden with an extra suitcase weighed down with gifts. It was a “bring your favourite children’s book” baby shower, so Baby (or Peppercorn as it is known now) already has quite the library! The suitcase weighed in at 30.2 kgs!

Petite Fille had the joy of being loved by her extended family for a few days, and Daughter 1 and I experienced the after glow of pulling off The Baby Shower (in my not so humble opinion)!

Numerous cups of tea accompanied baby name suggestions. They have chosen not to find out the baby’s gender. While they have settled on a boy’s name, they are yet to agree on a girl’s name. It is so odd to hear the names of my aunts and great aunts that I considered “old fashioned” being suggested. As a teacher it is also hard to say you like some names when you have taught a string of children with that first name and they have all been horrors – like any boy’s name ending in “dyn”. Sorry, if you have a Braydyn or Jaydyn, but it is teacher truth.

Best moments :

  • Seeing Daughter2 laughingly surrounded by her girlfriends.
  • The moment I was making tea sandwiches, my sister was buttering pikelets and Mr Boy was crafting coffees in a corner of the kitchen while the party swirled around us.
  • Throwing a balloon back and forth with Petite Fille and hearing her declare “This is the best balloon game in the world!” At two and a half she is constructing complex sentences of seven or eight words. Of course there are more times when she just sits and yells NO! YUCKY!
  • My two daughters talking life and babies.
  • Petite Fille taking an afternoon nap with her arms wrapped around the Peppa Pig soft doll that may have arrived with Grandma Flamingo Dancer.
  • Mr Boy, PT’s daddy, reading Tiddalick the Frog and using a variety of animal character voices, to Petite Fille.

One morning, Petite Fille’s paternal Grandma invited us all out to morning tea, which was delightful. We wandered into a children’s gift store afterwards that was just amazing. Their mission is to have nothing that is plastic or requires a battery, and may I say they achieve it beautifully. I could have moved in and lived the rest of my life there!

Petite Fille walked out with an abacus from her other Granny (Granny FD had already purchased  books and a spunky new pair of blue sunglasses (a must in Australia’s climate) for PT). To her credit, PT asked for nothing, and touched nothing, merely walked around discovering the sights as well. She showed amazing retraint for a toddler – her grannies were less disciplined! How many weeks until Christmas?

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