True Confession : My dirty little idiosyncrasy

clothes lines 1One of my little idiosyncrasies. Most people in Australia, who live in single family dwellings, have a clothes line. Some apartment blocks have a shared line, also. There are few days in the year when the weather is too ghastly to dry clothes outside, especially in Queensland, the Sunshine State!

This is where my idiosyncrasy comes into play, though some might tag it by its possible clinical term as an “obsessive, compulsive” habit ritual.


When I peg the clothes out, the coloured, plastic pegs chosen for each item must match. Two yellow pegs, or two green pegs; at all possible costs it must never be a yellow peg with a green peg.

Oh, and my clothing needs to have blue pegs. Blue is my favourite colour, most of my clothing is blue (or black, a little grey in winter). So it follows that the blue pegs are for moi.

Mr FD, uncouth and uncivilised, (be they of the same literal meaning?) follows no such gentility and will now only use random colours, but [name and shame] he deigns to even peg a pair of undies with a shirt. Yes, dear reader, a shirt will be pegged, not from the hem line, but from its shoulders and will frequently have a pair of undies dangling from a shared should peg. I only than the Big Whatever that our clothes line is at the back of our property and unseen by other eyes, except for wallabies and kangaroos who disdain the wearing of underwear anyway.

Yet, this attention to detail does not carry through to other areas of my life. My children have entertained dinner guests with the many and varied uses their mother has found for a tupperware lettuce crisper. Why limit it to just holding a lettuce, I say? Great for holding left over roast, for instance. And small, bouncing balls; or cotton wool. I wonder if I could set jelly in one?

Just this weekend I horrified Daughter 2 by informing her that I carried my fruit salad to school in a tupperware sandwich keeper. It doesn’t leak for a start. Why is everything a”keeper” with tupperware? Are they worried we might lose our sandwiches on the way to lunch?

I speak of tupperware though I have been but to two parties in my life. Most of my tupperware has been inherited from my mother who could never say no to anyone inviting her to yet another party plan event.

Do you think there are secret meetings of tupperware addicts, who meet in church basements under cover of darkness? “Hello, my name is Darleen, and I have 42 tupperware lettuce crispers.” Too frightening to contemplate.

16 thoughts on “True Confession : My dirty little idiosyncrasy

  1. My mother told me to always pin underwear on the lines hidden from the neighbors’ view, then pin the clothes you’d wear outside of the house on the outer lines so they would conceal the unmentionables. When she came to our house for a visit one summer, she was horrified to see that I had pinned my negligee out where “anyone could see it, even the mailman!” Given that my nightgown was modest by today’s standards, I couldn’t see how it could create a scandal. Then again, most of my neighbors were my parents’ age and easily scandalized.

    I wasn’t able to use any of the dozens of Tupperware containers my mother owned, as she had lost all of the lids. I suspect she’d thrown them in the recycling bin, thinking they were disposable, or left them at some church potluck and good luck at ever seeing them again after that. Her fellow parishioners were Tupperware thieves.


    • I have to confess I pin my undies on the inside rows, not because I fear scandalising anyone, more that I am ashamed of the state of my undies. I said to Mr FD the other day that I needed to buy new undies and he replied “I have been telling you that for years!” Not sure of his motives now.

      I think tupperware lids break easily. Mum was always getting her replaced.


  2. I can’t stand line drying clothes and don’t share your colored peg issue (though I have in the past). I will use just about anything as a food container for anything… I even have a cat food dish that became *my* food bowl – cause it’s a perfect serving size!


  3. I haven’t hung wash since they invented dryers! As for Tupperware, I haven’t seen it or been invited to a party in decades. I do like it but usually buy the cheaper versions that aren’t as painful when you lose them to thieving potluckers.


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