In the Kitchen with Flamingo Dancer; and tomorrow is another day

Hedy Lamarr in Adrian -

36C temp today, but thanks to the assistance of air conditioning I managed to prepare meals for the next three nights. All Mr FD has to do is pop the dishes in the oven at the appropriate time and we shall feast like kings. Maybe not kings, but merchants. Sorry, history teacher poking through.

The reason for my domestic superiority? A cholesterol test that came back at 6. I already take 80mg of Lipitor every day, and I have decided that I am not going to add another medication to my already lengthy morning regime. My self selected challenge is to return for another test in 9 weeks, after making some effort for a change, and if I have, hopefully, the next test will show a positive improvement. If not, then I have to surrender to medication. My goal, naturally would be to shed all medication, but first things first.

So, to stay away from temptation, I put in an effort and made three meals. Exhausting. Being perfect is so exhausting, I think that is why so many of us fail along the journey. Fall down eight times, get up nine.

We are also holding a shared morning tea tomorrow for two colleagues in the library building. Instead of the usual sweet food, I baked my savoury mediterranean muffins, and will take some salsa to serve with them. I know Minerva is on a Lite and Easy diet over the last few weeks, so at least one person will appreciate them. I had to hide the muffins from Mr FD who scoffled  three down as they were cooling from the oven!

Back to school tomorrow. It was a nice break. Late today, Daughter2 sent through air tickets for Mr FD and I to fly to Perth in December to be with them when Baby Peppercorn is due. If Baby is late, Mr FD and I may just be able to squeeze in a trip to Margaret River – the food and wine area of Western Australia. Baby and Perth will hopefully get me through the next nine week school term.



7 thoughts on “In the Kitchen with Flamingo Dancer; and tomorrow is another day

    • He has pretty good movement but still uses a cane. It seems as though it has sparked off arthritis in other areas such as his hip so that is adding to the pain levels. Yesterday he only needed one Endone, the rest was just paracetamol .

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  1. I got myself re-tested several years ago because I was certain my cholesterol number was wrong. It had to be…people tell me all the time that I’m a “good eater.” I learned that genetics plays a big role — something like 85% of your cholesterol is determined by DNA. So you can keep trying, but I’m not sure the 15% will affect your overall number. You may have to succumb to that nightly pill, like so many others. My goal is to make it the only pill I ever have to take.


    • I take blood pressure and cholesterol medication – my father passed his evil genes to me, poor man. Mum’s family all live to their 90s or near too, and appear as strong as “mallee bulls” as we say; but my Dad’s all died in their 70s.


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