Pray there is never another potato famine…


Holy Mother of Whatever, the kids are feral!

First day of term, two periods into the day I felt as though I should have been issued with a chair and whip. It didn’t help that after never ever having a policy on mobile technology, in particular mobiles, this was the day that we got to announce that they were no longer to be seen, let alone used, during class time. Also no selfies at school, at any time!

I felt as though I was going to be chewed into minced meat and spat out, when I had to deliver the message to my home class.

I have to admit though, that it did feel good, that I no longer have to tolerate the “It’s my Mum” pretend excuse anymore. Mum, if you do phone your child during class time, you should be beaten. If it is an emergency, phone the school to deliver the message, don’t interrupt everyone’s learning and my teaching!

No use trying to say that they can’t chat, or text on their phones all day in the adult work world, either. The horror and disbelief on their faces was so real it was horrifying.

Minerva and I have a code word, “potato” which basically means we are going home to drink vodka.


5 thoughts on “Pray there is never another potato famine…

  1. Actually, I have several coworkers who text, chat, FaceBook at work. It’s allowed as long as it doesn’t interfere with actual work … and is done even when/if it does. No photos though.

    But by the time your students graduate my job will be obsolete pretty much because there’s plenty of time to text, chat, FaceBook … which is why I keep eyeing that countdown timer on my page.


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