Marie Antoinette and I

modern lore

Walking out the door for the first day of the new school term, I moved to tuck a tissue into the top of my bra. Only there was no bra! I had forgotten to put it on.

The situation was not helped by Mr FD immediately advising me that going braless was in no way a good idea and instructing me to return to the bathroom instantly!


Then I realised that our dog, Audie, is currently the weight I was on my wedding day, 48kg. That is a worry in more ways than one; the fact that I am nowhere near that weight now not being the least!

Not shaping up as a good week, so far.

2 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette and I

  1. Well, it beats putting your knickers on sideways, as I have done…a number of times. (I blame a lack of sleep and coffee.) Also, it says something for how trim your body still is that you didn’t notice you weren’t wearing a bra as you left the house. I not only would have noticed, but it would have been painfully evident as I looked in the mirror. Nothing escapes gravity, apparently.

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