Welcome to the Insanity Library

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Odd week done. It was a seesawing week, during which Minerva and I often thought we had lost the last threads of our sanity.

Minerva is so proud of our Library and on Monday celebrated having all the couches steam cleaned, only for me to discover on Wednesday that a student had slashed the back of one of those couches. She was so upset, she took it so personally, that I thought she was going to cry. Poor Minerva can never quite understand why some students just can’t value the nice things we try to provide them.

A number of my students decided that they would ignore my request for them to email me their completed task, so I sat down that afternoon and emailed every one of their parents, sometimes both parents if I had two addresses. Probably about eight parents. Three acknowledged my email by morning. One parent printed the email off and “waved it under my nose when I got home” reported one girl. They all sent me their task by end of the last class this week.

I also made an appointment to sit down with our Principal to talk about my work load. All those hidden duties the Library gets loaded with, including picking up the slack for other teachers. He was very sympathetic and is looking into what we can change for the 2016 school year. I hold some hope, but also expect that the sinister Deputy will turn it back on me and double the load. Life is too often like that. Deputy is a mean piece of work; sarcastic and vindictive.

Six weeks until the summer vacation break!

One thought on “Welcome to the Insanity Library

  1. Hearing that a student slashed the back of the couch also saddened me. Too often, when the miscreant has been caught and confronted with “Why did you do this?” he simply mumbles, “I don’t know.” And they really don’t: so often it’s mindless stupidity.

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