Weekend Wandering

Tamborine Mt 2

Wandered to Tamborine Mt, in the Gold Coast hinterland this day. Tried to take in the view, but had forgotten the temperature distance to our Village and so felt the cold wind biting without jackets. Still, it was pretty impressive, grey clouds and all.

Tamborine Mt 5

Mr FD declared the need for a hot drink so we stopped by Le Chile Cafe where he added a plate of Mexican meatballs to his drink order.

Tambourine Mt 3

I settled for a “Portuguese inspired caramel pastry” that I wish I could remember the name of, but looked more like an almond biscuit with caramel filling. Delicious!

Tamborine Mt 4

A far better day than the previous five!

Tamborine Mt

And yes, I was waiting for the annoying children who insisted on rolling about and getting in my photo, to fall off the mountain side. One must live in hope …

9 thoughts on “Weekend Wandering

  1. I just read an article about how parents should allow their children to engage in more “risky” activities in order to develop their independence. Perhaps the parents of those children were engaging in the same form of child development? Or maybe they too were hoping their offspring would have a convenient accident. 😉


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