Weapons of mean destruction.

stand of flamingo

Let me see, how can I describe today? &#()!&#*^!#^%%$$!!!!!! Shit.

An as yet unnamed African Australian student has made an allegation that I made a racist comment to her. Did not happen. 

I did ask her and a large group of her friends not to enter the library due to their behaviour in the previous morning break, as I expected a repeat of their aggressive behaviour.

In the earlier break one had given me the fingers when I broke up an act of aggression towards an Anglo Australian student. When I had called to the group to stop so that I could identify the student and send her to detention the group ran out of the Library. I didn’t get a clear view of her face, as I had been standing behind her, when she made the gesture.

I was stunned, to stay the least, when I received an official email requesting me to attend a meeting with the Principal and one of his deputies. I WAS VERY ANGRY.

I have informed them that I won’t be attending without a union representative, and that I require more detail to prepare my defence of these false allegations.

It is an occupational hazard for a teacher, being accused of things we do not do. Apart from that one incident, I have had no interaction with those students previously, so it is not like I have a bad relationship with them – I don’t have any connection to them at all.

I have told the Principal that I consider this libel and slander. I would have liked to have said a lot more, but of course one must be professional. A 12 year old can make such false allegations, a total lie, and I have to jump through hoops. I AM SOOOOOO ANGRY.

I want a verbal and written apology.

They ‘aint seen nothing yet…

8 thoughts on “Weapons of mean destruction.

  1. It’s terrible that this has happened. When people say things to put you on the defensive they don’t go away even with heaps evidence. I hope your colleagues and students believe in you. That was mean of her to do and I feel she’s putting herself at a disadvantage without realising it. Playing the victim never works as a power play. She’s denying herself a chance to make the world a place in which she can prosper. Ironically, that’s what an education should do for her.

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  2. If the administration has any backbone, they should completely support the teacher. Sadly too many excellent teachers quit because they have to deal with this sort of nonsense. I hope you will easily ride this one out and be the victor as you march out of that hearing.

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