Back in the school yard


Being accused of something you didn’t do is a lonely place to be. People can offer sympathy but it isn’t them. It’s a lonely journey.

No progress. The children haven’t rescinded their lies, and the union can’t supply a lawyer until next Wednesday afternoon, so everything is in holding pattern.

I won’t say too much, but it has been communicated that Administration supports me. I am the sacrificial lamb, however.

Every time someone asks me me how I am feeling I answer truthfully, “not well” and “lonely”.

Why would anyone stay a teacher after having this rubbish thrown at them? These are the experiences that change your perspective on things. Why do children have think they can use laws that are required to protect real victims, to their own evil ends?

I know their names now, there are three girls. One is in a class I supervise for free reading one period a fortnight. Ever since I met her I have felt an evilness about her, as though my sixth sense was on alert. Now I know. Just think what she might accuse a male teacher of doing! A male teacher could end up in jail!

I asked Mr FD if he was going to care for me when I was starling raving mad, and he said that he already is…

You know the saying, fall down eight times, get up nine? Well, I think this might be my tenth fall.



6 thoughts on “Back in the school yard

  1. I am so sorry.

    (I know that feeling of recognizing malevolence, by the way. It is so hard to see in the job world, where you can’t just run the other way.)


  2. Students pick up on this sort of fabrication from their parents. I once worked with a teacher who had spent her entire career in special education, and she had weathered four hearings in which she’d been accused of abuse of a student. Each time she had been exonerated, but she said each incident had left her feeling bruised and vulnerable. She also said she had learned which students are “red flags:” defiant and disruptive, with parents who constantly complain and feel aggrieved, or have massive chips on their shoulders. I hope this incident doesn’t leave you personally hurt, though I would understand if you quit or put in for another job. Teachers usually are in the profession to help students, and when one of them turns on you, it is a painful thing.

    Know too, you have many on the internet who are rooting for you. 🙂

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  3. You have more support than you can imagine. I expect every teacher is thinking, this could happen to me. Separating fact from fiction in children’s stories is hard but it often comes out. Typically they cannot keep a cohesive lie going. Cracks appear and then of course, they need to brag. It all comes out in the end. However, that doesn’t leave you untouched. This stuff haunts you every time you have an interaction.


  4. There are lines of complaint available to those who need them but alas nowadays so many people – children in schools especially ‘know their rights’ and can abuse them as they have in this case. The slander aspect is outrageous and you are ‘left hanging’ with the implications and I bet the 3 kids are not even thinking of the pain/distress they are causing – or if they do it is even more evil. I am so sorry you have to go through this. Right now it must feel as though you are in quicksand. I hope Wednesday comes around soon.


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