If you are not going to care you have to not care…

black pearls

I’d like to say it was “the only time” that I ever walked out of the house without the pearls, but I have to be honest and admit that every weekend I dress pretty casually when I go out, especially to the supermarket. Today I had showered and washed my hair, just dragging a comb through it, before I left the house. I wore a tunic top and three quarter denims with sports shoes. No pearls in sight.

Of course, I had to meet someone I knew in the supermarket. Even though it was one of my closest friends I still knew I looked less than perfect. Shame and horror.

Not that it will make me dress any differently, I am too me, to change me, if you understand my drift. I am equally sure that my friend may have thought momentarily that FD is going very casual today and then let it go, but some hours later I am still thinking about it.

Isn’t it terrible to be indolent and immoveable and yet care how you appear? I am practically perfect in every way, I have no idea how you little people cope with being ordinary.

Christmas by the book

Giving the gift of knowledge at Christmas

Giving the gift of knowledge at Christmas


In between returning end of year textbooks and preparing for the 2016 school year borrowing period, we managed to squeeze in a Christmas display.

Not quite an Australian Christmas scene,  but Pinterest has never given us an image of a kangaroo to copy. We did use bibles to make the fireplace, which led to jokes about from our Deputy about burning bibles. My reply was that we were lighting the way for the ignorant. Point made.

My real point of contention is that Minerva “suggested” the book tree and fireplace but then retreated into the air conditioned comfort of the workroom to process new textbooks. Moi, assisted by a kind aide from another department toiled in the non air-conditioned  library to build the tree and fireplace. Somehow she always manages to best me, even though she knows about the stick list. I must work on that.

On a really positive note, the Principal came in to share that they are trialling solar powered air-conditioning on one school building next year, and we are next on the list. Much happy dancing at just the possibility of being on the To Do list.

ONE MORE WEEK until vacation!

absence makes the heart grow fonder; and would you move aside please?

morning coffee

Mr FD found his way home on Thursday night, after a three week absence.  He was so happy to be home. As I made tea for two in the kitchen I heard Mr FR declaring,”I missed you so much, you are so beautiful, so wonderful…”

Entering the room I found that he was gazing lovingly into the big brown eyes of Augie Dog, who was lapping up every second. So much so, that when Mr FD paused stroking him, Augie Dog would turn and lick what ever exposed bits of Mr FD he could reach.

I placed the mug of tea next to Mr FD and allowed them their privacy.

Life’s a shit and then you die.

Malika Favre

A self-professed National Treasure is obviously not enough for some people – I received a two sentence rejection email this morning. They will never know what they missed out on!

Five more days of students, numbers decreasing every day. Tomorrow is the last official day for years 11 and 10. The middle school students have another week, but they are being actively encouraged to stay home, if safe.

We are facing a “Review” of the Library next week, also informed by email this morning. It was a great morning. I am not all that worried, but whenever management gets involved in anything it always comes back onto the poor employee somehow. If you try to raise the bar, they wrench it from your hands and beat you to a pulp with it.

I really can’t understand why teachers stay as teachers because you are everyone’s whipping person. It is demoralising and exhausting. Next year, if there is a next year, I shall lay as low as I can under the radar and hope the world just flows by. My sanity can’t take much more.


baby boy

So, your opinions are on a baby boy for the Flamingo Dancer family? I think Baby’s Mama might just like a boy too. It will be named after my father if it is, which is so sweet. Only a couple more weeks now, so exciting.

I always wanted daughters when I was pregnant, for I wondered how the hell I would raise a son. I knew nothing about having a son. When he did come along as baby three I went into panic and depression at first, so totally spun out on the responsibility of raising a boy. I didn’t know anything about boy things or sports, or telling them the facts of life. Still don’t! Luckily he had a father who knew some of it.

His sisters will argue the point that I did not do as well as with girls, but somehow he and I made it through. Having a grandson doesn’t fill with me with the same panic – it’s all about love, isn’t it?


Oh and my aunt died this week too. Life’s a shit and then you die.

Truth to tell: self professed National Treasure

nena von

I am a self professed National Treasure, but maybe those who interviewed me on Monday differ in their opinion. They rang two of my referees yesterday, which caused a bit of excitement, but absolute silence today, so I am thinking they are of the ilk that checks every applicant’s references as part of their process; not just the front runner. My son suggested that as they have gone through at least 3 librarians in 6 years that may not be working for them!

Oh well, if they do not choose me, I will soldier on. 6 more days of students. Most will drop off from Friday and we will have very small numbers next week, so the end of the year is in sight. Poor Minerva physically returned 700 textbooks today and moved them to the compactus in the textbook room. On her journey home she sent me a text saying she was stopping to buy painkillers and alcohol. I blame her not. She’s a trooper.

More important things to think about than job disappointments. Baby Peppercorn may arrive sooner rather than later as monitoring shows the placenta is struggling to do its job, so Peppercorn may be on Santa’s Christmas list this year. I fly over in 10 days so may be there for the birth! I shall mind my place and stay in the background if I am. It is Daugher2 and Mr D2’s moment, not for me to crash. Boy or Girl, what is your bet?

I have imbibed a cold vodka and orange, so feeling rather sanguine about life and jobs at the moment. It’s not as though I don’t have a job! If I am to stay, I just need to think about a new action plan to handle things next year. Find my happy place.

But not today. Tomorrow is another day.


a work in process

vibesI think the interview went well. We met for about 45 minutes and I actually had a series of questions and semi interviewed them at the end. I can’t do anything about my age, and the fact that I am not a member of their particular religion, but then most of their students wouldn’t be either!

The usual, “we have number of people to interview” but they said they would make a decision mid to late week. Of course those timelines mean nothing as it always takes longer than one expects.

We laughed together, and I always thing that is a good thing. No negative vibes, also good.

We shall see.


Thanks for the well wishes – you are a wonderfully supportive group, and much appreciated.

treats for the King

food pantryDoes your pet eat as well, if not better than, you? I just slipped a slice of smoked salmon to Augie Dog. Before that he had toast and a rasher of short cut bacon for Sunday breakfast. The bacon was cooled and cut into pieces for him; in the hopes it would slow his eating. He still consumed it before I got my breakfast onto the plate!

He doesn’t get such treats every day. Bacon is only a weekend thing. Smoked salmon is what I have some days on my wraps for school lunch, but it is portioned in relation to its cost. Augie still gets a piece – I tell myself it is good for his brain (?) and coat.

During the week he has to settle for his vet recommended dry food and the occasional dropped morsel. He knows enough to get very excited when I stand in the food prep area of the kitchen for oddly enough lots of things seem to hit the floor there…must be like a Kitchen Bermuda Triangle.

It is not all indulgence though; Augie needs to be kept in tip top form for he has an important role to play in our life, as the late Terry Pratchett described :

Pets are always a help in times of stress. And in times of starvation, too, of course.



Another crazy week in a crazy world; or perhaps I should say, another week, another student complaint. So over students’ total self centred sense of entitlement at the cost of others. Many mothers on my stick list for making their kids so co-dependent and pathetic. Teachers are people too!

We farewelled our senior class on Friday. I was particularly fond of my home class’s group of seniorsand will miss them. One came in with her Mum before the ceremony to give me a gift and it was a tough moment. I want so much for that young lady – happiness and success and oh, everything.

It was a 38C day as we piled into an undercover area for the ceremony. Adolescent boys are smelly things at the best of times, but third day of heat in a row and the area was ripe. I always take my folding paper fan with me and this day it was used more to waft the aroma away, than to cool. At times the fanning was frantic! I don’t want to smell your sweaty hair.

Mr FD has to stay a third week with his Uncle on the Farm, who like too many old people will not cooperate when the family are trying to source support for them. Everyone is working to keep him in his own home; which is not easy when he is on a farm and a distance from services, and to maintain his dignity, but the damn fool won’t cooperate and he is aided and abetted by some very self-seeking people. Mr FD’s sister has arrived to assist now.

Missing his dog and his own home, I sent Mr FD a couple of photos to remember us by.

View from our front door

View from our front door


The one and only Augie Dog

The one and only Augie Dog

And of course…

His wife.....hahhahahahahahaha

His wife…..hahhahahahahahaha

HIs dog wrecked my night’s sleep. He woke me about three a.m. whining, so I took him out to his patch, but I think he just wanted to chase cane toads. When we went back to bed he was agitated and it was only after I sat on the side of the bed and stroked his head for awhile that he calmed down. I went back to sleep, but I don’t know what Augie did. He may have whined, he may have partied, he may have thought deep and meaningful thoughts, but he left me alone until 8am.

When I stirred from my nightmare, and it was nightmare for the Deputy Principal was in my dream, I had a headache. We were in my parents’ house and I had about 30 naughty students with me who needed to be sent to RTC but the DP was telling me how peaceful my parents’s house was, despite my protestations that we had sold my parents home. We all know that he would cut his tongue out before saying the word “peaceful” so it was total terror. Who is this monster I am with?

Today is predicted to be 39C. Yesterday was 38C. The breeze feels like a furnace. My school office is air conditioned, but not the library so it is miserable the moment I walk through my office door. Our house has many levels of cooling so I am ensconced for the day. Hand me my “orange juice” Jeeves.

On the positive side, I have been offered an interview for the TL job 9 minutes from home! Monday 4pm QLD time, so have power thoughts for me . You work out the time difference and if it is in the middle of the night your time I expect you to rise, walk to your window and face Australia. No, that is not the floor, you are down under, not us. You are behind us, unless you are a New Zealander and we won’t make the NZ  joke that is begging to be made there

10 school days until Summer Vacation! Minerva made me a little calendar to count the days, The Big Whatever Bless Her Soul. That woman can read my soul, and she guessed I had applied for another job. If I do go, she is the real regret I will have leaving that library. We are peas in a pod, but she is a better person than I. I guess, we shall see what we shall see.