words can not say


Not a good day. A number of our more challenging students came into the library, causing a variety of issues. Then we were graced in both breaks by the presence of the girls who have made the false allegations. Minerva instantly called for backup from a nearby male teacher and we presented as a pair, so no more lies could be told.

I didn’t want to think it, and really tried to deny the thought, but Minerva voiced my fear. “Do you think you are being targeted?”  I had to admit that I agreed. They haven’t recounted, they haven’t experienced any consequences and now they feel untouchable. Twelve and thirteen year old girls in full formation for open hunting season.

By the end of second break, I was close to just walking out the gate for my own survival, for it is so difficult second guessing everything I say and do.  Instead, I had to go and teach a class. Thankfully, they were seniors and into examination revision, so I was able to gather my frayed nerves and take a slow breath.

I have reported the incident, but without any expectation of a speedy solution. I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t go against me in some way! The male colleague said he will be back with me tomorrow in case they return, bless him. These girls have rarely been to the library this year and now they appear all too often.

There have been terrible bullying issues between students in that year level, but to see them acting this way against a teacher is unbelievable. It is not like I play a major role in their lives!

I am not a weak person, I don’t cave easily, but the helplessness I feel is just escalating the longer this issue is unresolved. I have to follow someone else’s agenda. I feel like I want to explode.

8 thoughts on “words can not say

  1. The bullying issues are a strong diagnostic clue.
    They are flexing their muscles.
    I’m assuming that they have suffered no real consequences in re their treatment of other students.
    Here’s hoping there is some blowback from their overreaching in attacking you.
    Stay strong, and keep up the back-up from your fellow workers.

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  2. I wish I could act as your bouncer, since my primary role in the class I work with is disciplinarian. I’m not a complete ogre, but I have little patience for bullying and deal with it directly and in a straightforward manner. Maybe it’s because I’m an Asian woman who grew up in a predominantly black and Latino neighborhood, I don’t feel vulnerable to charges of racism (though I am waiting for the day some student accuses me of abuse). But it rankles when some child—and they are children, regardless of their age and size—defies an order or confronts me with verbal and sometimes physical abuse. The law does protect them to a certain extent, but if those mean girls’ lies are exposed, it will be very hard for them to continue to parade about like cockerels in the yard. For we all know even the proudest rooster ends up in a stewpot.

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  3. it is horrible to be at the “mercy” of high school females. i was bad enough when we were all the same age. i can’t imagine having to live with it in such an unbalanced situation. i hope they are punished soon.!


  4. I hope too that this has blown over now. Students seem to think they can assume all sorts of power these days. Paper tigers. Admins must stand their ground with truth and authority on their side.


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