Attack of the killer moths

Moth 1

Well, maybe they aren’t killer moths, but they are jolly huge. At least 10 centimetres (4 inches) from wing tip to wing tip. They hover outside the screen door, peak time being the early morning. A soon, as we open the screen door to allow Augie out to his yard they zoom through the opening. One busy morning, four of the beasties made it through the portal.

This morning I found one trying to hide in the kitchen sink! It was despatched with insect spray. No mercy to any insect that enters my castle!

If left to their own devices they crash and bash about the room, gradually building in confidence until they commence dive-bombing victims.

Once sent to that great moth heaven in the sky, we have to race with pan and brush to deliver to the bin, before Augie decides to make them a new toy or an after breakfast delight.

Moth 1

That said, despite their kamikaze tendencies and lack of  “pretty” colourings, the patterns on their wings are quite intricate and rather delicate. A thing of beauty.

They just need to stay where The Big Whatever meant them to be – not in my house!



6 thoughts on “Attack of the killer moths

  1. My children chide me when I squash spiders and insects I find creeping around the house. “You say you’re a vegetarian because you love animals. So why are bugs any different? Why kill them?” I point out that cows and pigs don’t bite me (normally, anyway) and they don’t land in my drink or fly in my face while I’m trying to rest. And I agree with your argument: I’m fine with them if I encounter them outdoors in the garden. If they’re in my home, they’re trespassing. Flyswatter please!


  2. I used to love insects when I was tiny. But then I grew up. And then I began to notice them invading the homestead. It was then that the gilt came off the gingerbread, so to speak.

    I have a fly swatter in every trouble room. I have mothballs on standby. I have a machine gun nest in each major door way.

    I once saw a moth that size in my hotel room in Vegas. I called room service and they sent a guy up with a rag and a water spritzer (Mandalay Bay doesn’t carry fly swatters!). As I cowered in the corner he found it and killed it. I tipped him and was finally able to get to sleep.

    How I hate insects.


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