treats for the King

food pantryDoes your pet eat as well, if not better than, you? I just slipped a slice of smoked salmon to Augie Dog. Before that he had toast and a rasher of short cut bacon for Sunday breakfast. The bacon was cooled and cut into pieces for him; in the hopes it would slow his eating. He still consumed it before I got my breakfast onto the plate!

He doesn’t get such treats every day. Bacon is only a weekend thing. Smoked salmon is what I have some days on my wraps for school lunch, but it is portioned in relation to its cost. Augie still gets a piece – I tell myself it is good for his brain (?) and coat.

During the week he has to settle for his vet recommended dry food and the occasional dropped morsel. He knows enough to get very excited when I stand in the food prep area of the kitchen for oddly enough lots of things seem to hit the floor there…must be like a Kitchen Bermuda Triangle.

It is not all indulgence though; Augie needs to be kept in tip top form for he has an important role to play in our life, as the late Terry Pratchett described :

Pets are always a help in times of stress. And in times of starvation, too, of course.


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