Truth to tell: self professed National Treasure

nena von

I am a self professed National Treasure, but maybe those who interviewed me on Monday differ in their opinion. They rang two of my referees yesterday, which caused a bit of excitement, but absolute silence today, so I am thinking they are of the ilk that checks every applicant’s references as part of their process; not just the front runner. My son suggested that as they have gone through at least 3 librarians in 6 years that may not be working for them!

Oh well, if they do not choose me, I will soldier on. 6 more days of students. Most will drop off from Friday and we will have very small numbers next week, so the end of the year is in sight. Poor Minerva physically returned 700 textbooks today and moved them to the compactus in the textbook room. On her journey home she sent me a text saying she was stopping to buy painkillers and alcohol. I blame her not. She’s a trooper.

More important things to think about than job disappointments. Baby Peppercorn may arrive sooner rather than later as monitoring shows the placenta is struggling to do its job, so Peppercorn may be on Santa’s Christmas list this year. I fly over in 10 days so may be there for the birth! I shall mind my place and stay in the background if I am. It is Daugher2 and Mr D2’s moment, not for me to crash. Boy or Girl, what is your bet?

I have imbibed a cold vodka and orange, so feeling rather sanguine about life and jobs at the moment. It’s not as though I don’t have a job! If I am to stay, I just need to think about a new action plan to handle things next year. Find my happy place.

But not today. Tomorrow is another day.


8 thoughts on “Truth to tell: self professed National Treasure

  1. After a long interview process, my references were checked Friday. It being Thanksgiving week here in the U.S., I didn’t expect additional word this week … but am finding myself frustrated by the silence all the same! May the silence be broken with cause for smile soon.


  2. I hope the process of vetting your references goes fast. My employee file is stuck in limbo, in part because the wretched hiring manager tried to reach the teachers I cited as references AFTER school was let out for the summer break. The school I work at now needed me immediately, however, so I’m now employed-but-not-an-employee. (No paid breaks for you, sort-of-employee!)

    I do hope this school hires you, though three librarians in six years suggest there may be a problem with the school. I hope not, but they would foolish not to get you while they can.


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