Life’s a shit and then you die.

Malika Favre

A self-professed National Treasure is obviously not enough for some people – I received a two sentence rejection email this morning. They will never know what they missed out on!

Five more days of students, numbers decreasing every day. Tomorrow is the last official day for years 11 and 10. The middle school students have another week, but they are being actively encouraged to stay home, if safe.

We are facing a “Review” of the Library next week, also informed by email this morning. It was a great morning. I am not all that worried, but whenever management gets involved in anything it always comes back onto the poor employee somehow. If you try to raise the bar, they wrench it from your hands and beat you to a pulp with it.

I really can’t understand why teachers stay as teachers because you are everyone’s whipping person. It is demoralising and exhausting. Next year, if there is a next year, I shall lay as low as I can under the radar and hope the world just flows by. My sanity can’t take much more.


baby boy

So, your opinions are on a baby boy for the Flamingo Dancer family? I think Baby’s Mama might just like a boy too. It will be named after my father if it is, which is so sweet. Only a couple more weeks now, so exciting.

I always wanted daughters when I was pregnant, for I wondered how the hell I would raise a son. I knew nothing about having a son. When he did come along as baby three I went into panic and depression at first, so totally spun out on the responsibility of raising a boy. I didn’t know anything about boy things or sports, or telling them the facts of life. Still don’t! Luckily he had a father who knew some of it.

His sisters will argue the point that I did not do as well as with girls, but somehow he and I made it through. Having a grandson doesn’t fill with me with the same panic – it’s all about love, isn’t it?


Oh and my aunt died this week too. Life’s a shit and then you die.

11 thoughts on “Life’s a shit and then you die.

  1. Argh. Sorry on many counts. I just heard a university commercial enticing folks to become professors, according to the commercial, the most rewarding profession of all. It surely was … a decade or more ago, before (it seems) almost all discretion and room for personal expression were removed.

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  2. Hoping everyone actively stays home! Hoping the library review goes as it should, splendidly, because you work very hard to make things better for those students. And I do think in reply to Deborah, that being a Uni Professor has a lot of perks… For one thing…. My Dad seems to have had more vacation than I will ever have….(As I gera up to return to work tomorrow as everyone else shops)

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  3. It’s funny you mention the issue of raising boys and having grandsons. My son gave me grey hair overnight, starting in his preschool years—he was the child who visited the ER at least once a month for two years, and I wonder why the staff didn’t call Child Protective Services on me. Things are somewhat better now, but only because I have resigned myself to the fact I have a child who is a risk taker and maniac, just like his father. I’m sure you’ll love having a grandson, if that is the case: children have a wonderful way of teaching their adults how to have fun. My grandson has taught me how delightful it is to build railroads and place all of his animal figurines on the cars for a ride. May you discover that delight yourself.

    As for that school—I think you escaped what may have been a bad situation. I have found that any position that has had a quick turnover in a short amount of time is a troubled one at best, hell on earth at worst.

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  4. They are not worthy of you at the job you applied for. End of. If you stay next year….big if… when do you have to decide by? At least, no matter what school throws at you, there is the new baby to look forward to. Exciting times. I am guessing girl though….. Good luck.

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    • I will stay. I have to recognise that now in my late fifties, that jobs are no longer easy to get. I am approaching the review with a positive attitude and will work for better things for the library and our students.


  5. Sorry, Not your fault. I must have not faced the right direction.
    Sorry about the aunt too.
    I recently edited a research paper that studied the work-family balance and job satisfaction of teachers, and the paper concluded that life is pretty crappy for teachers. There is truth in that, no?


  6. sorry for the rejection (at least they notified you – I usually don’t even get that). just means you’ve got a better opp somewhere else – hope you find it sooner than later!


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