Christmas by the book

Giving the gift of knowledge at Christmas

Giving the gift of knowledge at Christmas


In between returning end of year textbooks and preparing for the 2016 school year borrowing period, we managed to squeeze in a Christmas display.

Not quite an Australian Christmas scene,  but Pinterest has never given us an image of a kangaroo to copy. We did use bibles to make the fireplace, which led to jokes about from our Deputy about burning bibles. My reply was that we were lighting the way for the ignorant. Point made.

My real point of contention is that Minerva “suggested” the book tree and fireplace but then retreated into the air conditioned comfort of the workroom to process new textbooks. Moi, assisted by a kind aide from another department toiled in the non air-conditioned  library to build the tree and fireplace. Somehow she always manages to best me, even though she knows about the stick list. I must work on that.

On a really positive note, the Principal came in to share that they are trialling solar powered air-conditioning on one school building next year, and we are next on the list. Much happy dancing at just the possibility of being on the To Do list.

ONE MORE WEEK until vacation!

5 thoughts on “Christmas by the book

  1. The book tree had been making the Facebook rounds, and now I get to see one that was built by real people, not the people of pinterest! Lovely. and you NEED AC. I’m sure they don’t give you nice Jalousie windows instead, so hope the AC comes through for you in 2016

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    • We were trying to get the message across that we can use use what we have to celebrate Christmas and that it doesn’t mean buying heaps of decorations. And it piles the textbooks for next year very nicely too!


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