If you are not going to care you have to not care…

black pearls

I’d like to say it was “the only time” that I ever walked out of the house without the pearls, but I have to be honest and admit that every weekend I dress pretty casually when I go out, especially to the supermarket. Today I had showered and washed my hair, just dragging a comb through it, before I left the house. I wore a tunic top and three quarter denims with sports shoes. No pearls in sight.

Of course, I had to meet someone I knew in the supermarket. Even though it was one of my closest friends I still knew I looked less than perfect. Shame and horror.

Not that it will make me dress any differently, I am too me, to change me, if you understand my drift. I am equally sure that my friend may have thought momentarily that FD is going very casual today and then let it go, but some hours later I am still thinking about it.

Isn’t it terrible to be indolent and immoveable and yet care how you appear? I am practically perfect in every way, I have no idea how you little people cope with being ordinary.

8 thoughts on “If you are not going to care you have to not care…

  1. I spent all yesterday in my pajamas. I did laundry and did a little cleaning and organizing, but I didn’t even shower until this morning, when I worried I was beginning to smell like French cheese. I wouldn’t go out into the public realm like that, but I do see on the weekends a number of people grocery shopping in their pajamas and flipflops. I draw the line on that. There is a limit to how low I’ll go….

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  2. i rarely put on makeup on the weekends and have been known to run errands in pajamas. the benefit of living in “the hood” is that no one else cares so I don’t need to either.


  3. Just today I was wondering why no one ever gives me a second look. A peek into the mirror shows me why, but I refuse to take that for an answer. Well…I won’t change…neither in my dressing sloppy self, nor my yearning to get noticed. Hopeless situation.

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  4. pjs are becoming more common where I work.
    I love to see the old gents dressed in suits, shirts and tie, hair oiled and shoes shining just to buy a loaf of bread.

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