a storm, a blackboard and a little healthy competition.


Hello, hello. December! Can you believe it? Three days until the end of the school term. We finish with a shared lunch on  student free Friday.

Plans have changed a little, with Baby Peppercorn to be delivered next Thursday 10th. So Mr FD and I will fly over together and stay until just after Christmas unless Daughter2 or MrD2 threaten us with bodily harm and asks us to leave for-with because we are annoying them to the point of insanity. It’s quite possible, for Mr FD can have that effect on people. Not me, of course.

We’ve thrown down the challenge with our Christmas Library display. Upped the ante by adding a blackboard creation. Also plagiarised from Pinterest – a Librarian’s best friend at the moment! The trophy is an ugly wooden plaque that may well have been chopped together as an eighth grade manual arts project eons ago and was recently found in a cupboard, but we are out to win. Well, my erstwhile assistant, Minerva is out to win and I am aiding her in our co-dependency. What Minerva wants, Minerva gets. She also gets to dismantle everything in the new year, because that is her job. I have to pull rank some times!

Christmas Blackboard


A very damaging storm hit the suburb where our school is situated on the weekend and many trees were uprooted. The school had a little water damage, but mainly thousands of dollars worth of trees down. In the Library a number of laptops that had been handed in by the students for exchange next year, and were stored on a table were water damaged. It appears that the wind drove rain between the louvres and it pooled on the table.

Minerva and I have our suspicions though, for we asked an IT technician who was to be the last one to leave the area to close the windows as it was a very hot day, and as he is the laziest person in the world we suspect he didn’t do it properly. We’ve never had water come in between closed louvres before, not if they are shut correctly, and he just made such a show of saying over and over again that he had shut the windows that it made us suspicious. No sign of a roof leak either. Anything is possible, I suppose, but if it was anyone but him…it means writing off about 60 laptops. Luckily they were at the end of their life, but they were going to be used a backup laptops or hot swaps with students had their regular laptops in for repairs. Still a waste. Luckily no books were damaged, as the book shelving starts further towards the centre of the Library .

One way or another, it has been an interesting week. How’s yours?

8 thoughts on “a storm, a blackboard and a little healthy competition.

  1. Oh JOY for your newest son-in-law! A baby AND inlaws … (Oh, wait … I think I read somewhere that he flies out for a few weeks for work? Kind of like a co-worker of mine who is going to visit her daughter next week for an early Christmas and her son-in-law has volunteered for extra duty (military) while she is there, lol.

    There were a lot of trees down in my area this past weekend as well – but from ICE accumulations!


  2. I have no doubt that you will make yourself so useful to your Daughter and son-in-law they will be eternally grateful for your presence. Mr. FD—well, men of a certain generation are not known for being especially helpful after a baby is brought home from the hospital, unless he’s going to change nappies, clean house and cook nutritious meals for the new mother and father. When my third child was born, my father came along and mowed the lawn, ruined my husband’s grill, and yelled at me for not changing the oil in the car. (“I was PREGNANT for chrissakes!” I screamed at him. “How am I supposed to crawl under the car and drain the crankcase?”) After one argument , I offered to buy him a plane ticket back home. He was not amused.


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