Baby update

baby girl pink

Peppercorn was delivered a couple weeks early as had she had ceased to progress in the womb. She experienced some rapid breathing after birth, and was taken to the care nursery. That settled but then she became clammy and they thought she might have had low blood sugar, so have been treating that. Peppercorn will feed with her Mummy this morning and if all progresses will leave the nursery this afternoon, Perth time.

THEN she can make acquaintance with her fabulous Grandma Flamingo Dancer. Peppercorn appears to have inherited the red locks of her father’s Scottish ancestry, but she has her mother’s rose bud mouth. Naturally she will have her Grandmother’s command of life, love and the stick list!

My nefarious plan to populate the world with female Flamingo Dancers is going according to schedule – two granddaughters to carry the stick now!

Life doesn’t get any better than this!

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