Another day, another Western Australian beach…

Fremantle 3

Lunch at the Beach – Salt on the Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia, to be exact! wanted to stare at the view, but to do so, I had to look across the table closest to the door and they might have thought I was stalking them, so I garnered a view when I hoped they were not noticing. Love the ombré sea.

Salt on the Beach 3

I had the prawn and watermelon salad with cashews, but there was just too much something, including coriander, for my taste buds. The four prawns were lovely. I wished that I had stayed with my original selection which was the fish and chips. Fish and chips when by the sea, naturally.


Salt on the Beach 2

Mr FD chose the salt and pepper squid, which he really enjoyed.

Lunch digesting, we garnered a closer view of the Indian Ocean.


Fremantle 1

Fremantle 2

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