to thine own glass be true


Jam jars and vegemite jar glasses played a large role in the first third of my life. In my childhood, if  I drank water, milk or cordial if was from a glass that had once been a jam, honey or vegemite jar. My own children were raised in the same tradition. A set of everyday, drink glasses that matched were sheer luxury.

So, the mason jar trend has been an oddity to me. What is so great about drinking from a jar. That is a marker of civilisation, how? It is also not up cycling if you buy a purpose made mason jar. I thought we had hit tipping point when I saw a collection of mason jar baby fruit juice bottles with a sippy lid, in the supermarket.


In Perth this week, lunching by the seaside I spied diners served drinks not in mason jars, but one of those hexagonal jam jars. I probably have three exactly the same in our fridge back home! Oh, half a set! Late Christmas gift!

Luckily, I ordered wine and they did had the finesse to serve it in a wine glass, but no doubt this will evolve as the next step.

Drinking from a jar does not make anyone sophisticated in my opinion. To me, one is but a mindless follower of “fashion”.

Perth has a couple of things that have really irritated us.  The major roads have no or few road signs that mention regional towns. If they have them then they must be hiding them as state secrets.  The road signs just mention highways to take, but if you don’t know which highway you need to take to get to a certain town or city then how the hell is a highway sign going to help anyone?

And it doesn’t help that being from the east coast our reference point is east is the coast and west in the inland. In Perth, the ocean is west and the inland is east! As a person who has no sense of direction, trying to get my bearings is near impossible. So we need some clear signage please! Please tell us we are lost earlier rather than later!

Before you say it, yes we do use the GPS on our mobiles. Well, Mr FD set the app on his phone, but being Mr FD his mobile is always near flat battery and so right at the important turn if goes down. I now have the app on my phone and it is always charged.

Then there is the problem of the bumpy roads making the mobile screen jump so that X no longer marks the spot. It has nothing to do with random and ill advised finger movements…

Let us not forget that the Perth drinking water is shit. I think that I actually read somewhere that it is in fact shit, recycled. Even if it isn’t it is shit. Too many chemicals. Thank heavens Daughter2 has a water filter jug, otherwise life would be intolerable. To make a cup of tea, the tea bag has to steep for sometime to overcome the chemical flavours. It is a fine line to not steep it so long that the tea becomes bitter black tar, but not allow the chemicals to flavour the brew. I have perfected  the task, of course. It’s a stress though.


4 thoughts on “to thine own glass be true

  1. In Oklahoma, Griffin’s jelly/jam/preserves were famous for their jars that, when emptied, were actual drinking glasses (the top popped off instead of screwing off). Many folks, including my mother, would only buy that brand because of this. I didn’t know anyone that didn’t have a “set” of those glasses. “Mason” jars are trendy here now, but I’m not too fond of them.

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  2. The jelly jar as drinking glass was new to me until I ate at an “old-fashioned Southern cooking” restaurant, and my iced tea came in a Mason jar. To my daughters’ amusement, I was taken aback: my mother used to say ‘only very poor people and hoboes drink out of jars!’ When I wanted to save a jelly jar that had cartoon characters painted on its side, my mother promptly tossed it out. “We have real glasses,” she said frostily.

    I think she was trying to preserve a sense of class in front of her in-laws, who considered her an inept homemaker. I disappointed her terribly by serving dinner on plastic plates and cups, my defense against children who dropped china and glass as routinely as winter snow.

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  3. I can kind of recall jam jars with maybe bugs bunny or something on them in the 90s. They were made specially to be glasses after the jam was finished and didn’t have screw on lids so the tops were just like ordinary drinking glasses. They were pretty cool.
    The mason jar thing became huge is the USA years ago and now every Aussie hipster cafe has adopted that trend. I don’t really get it.

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