It all comes down to this

FD Christmas 1

The baby is asleep in her crib, her Mama and Papa have gone out to have lunch while they still have baby sitters, Mr FD is napping and I am watching an old version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with Burl Ives as the narrator. Life is pretty good.

My children always called the 23rd of December, Christmas Eve Eve, and I think it was probably the day they enjoyed most – so much preparation and anticipation. On Christmas Eve Eve, they would decorate boxes with Christmas drawings and pictures in which to store their gifts after opening. They would also help with making Christmas treats. The best thing was the marathon of Christmas shows on the television that they would dip in and out of all day. Ethel Merman, Burl Ives, the classics. Good times.

This morning I spoke with Petite Fille. We have made a time to face talk on Christmas morning. This is the first Christmas Petite Fille really “gets” Christmas and so her excitement is such a wonder to share. She will spend it with her cousins, my sister’s grandchildren.  Our Son, home minding Augie Dog, will join them as well.

A new Christmas baby, healthy and happy, and a growing, loving family means we are truly blessed.

We wish you a happy Christmas too – filled with the love, peace, serenity and wonder that you deserve. Take care, dear friends, and  remember to have that second helping of pudding. A third helping if you choose. Just enjoy and be grateful.


P.S. My Christmas Fruitcake having survived the interstate plane trip has been voted “the best ever.” Half eaten already!

10 thoughts on “It all comes down to this

  1. Happy Christmas to you, FD! My standard closing on my Christmas cards this year has been, “May all your Christmas wishes come true!” but it sounds like you’ve had at least half your list fulfilled already. I hope the rest of your list comes true as well. 🙂

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  2. love that ornament!
    I also enjoy Christmas Eve Eve, though it’s now known as Festivus.
    One of the free over-air retro channels has been playing A Perry Como Christmas, Sonny & Cher Christmas, Bing Crosby Christmas, etc. I tried to watch but they’re all really really bad. Except, during the first song of … ohh, some woman’s Christmas (Mitzy Gaynor?)… the background is kids ice skating on a fake frozen pond and one kids face plants soooo often that I wonder if it was a gimmick he did – dared by his friends or something. I love that part!

    I wanna try your fruitcake.

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