A step at a time, a day at a time: new habits


A post of the Red Shoe Project 2016


Next Wednesday, the teachers’ school year starts for our school. In the spirit of living a simple life and minimalism, I have been thinking about how I am going to approach a new school year.

Four years have passed at this school, and things were not always great towards the end of last year. I brought a few things to a head and asked for more than a few changes, which I hope Admin with honour after all their promises. I have my part to play as well.

So, I have dusted off the holiday grey matter and tried to craft a little set of new habits to support my intentions.

Stay focused. I can go off agenda fairly easily when I choose. Make my to do list, my tomorrow list. This year, I am going to break tasks up into small chunks, but follow through with more care and attention. Not just the stuff I want to do, but the staff I have to do.

Be creative. Or rather, find a way to include a creative aspect to every day. I want to upscale my displays and add more wonder and awe to our library, so I am aiming to put aside 30 minutes each day to plan and follow through on a creative endeavor.

Read books. I’ve been spending too much time on Pinterest for a start. Okay, a lot of it is curating resources and information for teachers and students, but I need to read more of the books on our library shelves. So, maybe a target of twenty pages a day? I think that is attainable.

Express gratitude. This can be damn hard some days. Our Principal is in the habit of saying that the students are ”gift to us”. Not sure that I can be that grateful, but at least I can try to listen more to others and  to walk a little in their shoes before adding them to my stick list (the people I am going to hit with a stick on my last day in the job). Maybe collecting the positives and not the negatives in each day? Perhaps, if I try to have one amusing, or interesting anecdote to share with my family at the end of each day, it might help me to express more gratitude.

Meditate. Not something to do at school, certainly, but if I try to spend five or ten minutes either end of the day meditating, or just being silent and still, it may help me through the noise and bustle of my school day. Focus and refocus.

Innovation. One can only try.

7 thoughts on “A step at a time, a day at a time: new habits

  1. I’ve tried to get my kids in that gratitude mindset – now instead of asking them “How was school?” at dinnertime, I’ve been asking them “What is one awesome thing that happened to you today?” – pretty soon they got in the habit of keeping an eye out for “the awesome thing” as they go about their day. (I really need to do this myself, too!)

    I like your new habits and will be interested in hearing how they work out for you – maybe I’ll incorporate some into my activities later this year, too.

    I am so starting a stick list.


  2. You’re comfortable up with some real winners and I’ll use your list for inspiration. There’s a great meditation app called Calm. I use it all the time. See what you think of it. It zaps me into meditation mode in no time flat.


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