days of pearls and swine, and maybe wine

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When Minerva started back to work on Monday I sent her a text saying blithely, “The sooner you start the year, the sooner it will be over.” Now that I have to walk through the school gates tomorrow morning I just think, f*ck!

Mr FD was brave enough to offer the suggestion that “It will be nice to see you all your friends again,” and I actually allowed him to continue breathing.

If I wanted to catch up with “friends” from work, I would ask Minerva out to coffee.

Not that I am not “friendly” in the work place. In fact, I try to be everyone’s friend, to a point. I am not a socialising buddy, but in meetings I allow people to sit beside me. That’s a kindness as far as I am concerned. I am witty and entertaining as you would expect, great company in fact. However, I don’t think of them as friends. Three weeks after anyone leaves a workplace it is “who?” I’ve seen it happen over and over again. Don’t think you are irreplaceable or will be missed; there is always someone else to fill the chair.

Lordy, cynical and depressed, what a mix.

I can’t control tomorrow and my need for a wage, but at least I spent the day making some healthy snacks to take to school over the next week or so. I baked my mediterranean muffins, as well as a batch of flaxseed and rolled oat cookies. I also bought a large bag of nuts to keep in my desk drawer for when the munchies hit, or those days when it is too busy to stop for lunch and I can eat a handful of nuts on the way to class, or a meeting.

The changes I asked for late last year appear to be working their way through the system. Emails have already gone out initiating some of the changes, including not sending students to the library when they choose not to bring their laptop to school. The ones in most need of doing their work naturally are the ones who do this, and it follows that even when they get sent to the library, without real supervision they do nothing except cause trouble.  I am grateful that the Principal is willing to work with me and not just apportion blame on the person highlighting the problem,  rather than see where the real issues lie.

I slept in, and then dashed downtown to get a blood test. I have been trying to eat more healthily since the end of school and wanted to see if my evil cholesterol had decreased in anyway – before my bad school term habits set in again. I have no illusion that they will. On the positive side when I was in the doctor’s surgery last week my blood pressure was absolutely normal. White coat syndrome didn’t hit for once. Of course I still take medication for it; I suspect I always will.

When I returned home from the testing I made a last day of holiday breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs and tomatoes. Augie did his bacon dance, which consists of dashing back and forth behind me as I cook and naturally garnered bacon as well. We had sausages for dinner and he scored one of those too. Bad dog!

Dear little Peppercorn, now six weeks old and weighing three pound more that her birth weight, has been diagnosed as being partially tongue and lip tied. She is to have laser surgery tomorrow morning.

It breaks my heart that she has to undergo medical treatment, even though we know it is for the best. It’s fixable, I know, and not life threatening, but to think that tiny little bundle has to undergo pain and discomfort is just horrible. Luckily, her paternal grandparents are staying in Perth and so will be there to help with her recovery. Arms to nurse her when she is sad. They are as in love with her as we are. Her favourite spot is sleeping on her Grandpa. Her Daddy’s family is a very loving family, so Peppercorn is blessed to have so many people to love and care for her. Like all grandparents, we would gladly suffer the pain for her. I am trying to not think about it, and I suppose the one blessing of going back to work is that I will be occupied.

Anyway, I just wanted to warn you the craziness it about to recommence. Hold you to your hat! Better still, stock the liquor cabinet.



5 thoughts on “days of pearls and swine, and maybe wine

  1. I am catching up on your blog. I had to look up tongue and lip tied. Not having had any children, I was not familiar with it. I read that it occurs in only 5% of the population and in males more often than in females. However, it seems that more and more babies are being diagnosed with it. That of course could be because more and more babies are getting to the doctors. I wish Peppercorn well. Lucy


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