A foodie’s salute to Australia Day

Or foods Jamie and Nigella would never tell you about.

January 26 is our Australia Day, the day the celebrates the arrival of the British First Fleet of convict ships, under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788. It is the day that the indigenous world mourns.

We will be celebrating with a barbecue; surely the norm for the day. So to mark the celebrations I share with you  our foods, new and traditional that make Australia, well, Australia.


Australia Day 2016 11

8 thoughts on “A foodie’s salute to Australia Day

  1. ANZAC BISCUITS! I used to make them all the time – crisp (a little more crispy-looking than what I’m seeing here) and utterly sweet and – I hope – up to proper World War I standards.

    This reminds me – it’s Girl Scout cookie season out here; do you have the same?


    • No we don’t have girl scout cookies – our girls used to be “Brownies” but now they just join in the same troops as the boys. To my knowledge they do no door to door selling, and certainly no cookies. It would be chocolates if it was anything! Chocolates are used for our fund raising.


      • do you WANT girl scout cookies? One of my coworkers is selling them (now sold online or by parents). I’m soo confused. I always remember ordering in late Jan/early Feb and the cookies arrived in March. Now the cookies are here in Jan, no preorder, and 3x more expensive.


        • Son in law would have a heart attack if I order cookies and all that sugar online. While he is a lodger we shall eat healthy all the way. Mr FD and I shall sneak out for treats when the craving is too much, but on the whole we have to admit it will be good for us.

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