another week in Flamingo Dancer world


I may have suggested, on more than one occasion, that they quickening their pace, clean up their mess and give my library back to me. For two weeks, Minvera and I have tried to function, which includes loaning books to over a thousand students, while the I.T. team have had hundreds of laptops, chargers, cases  and various bits of computer accessories were strewn across the library. Friday was “return” day and there was no way they were leaving until the work was done. It was hot, muggy weather, but I kept them on task  (they may have been scared, in truth) and they actually made it. Sadly, I had to thank them for doing their job. Damn that being nice.

Why they have to pile laptop cords on couches and not into a storage container defeats me, but maybe it is because the I.T. team are male. At the end of this year when the process commence again, I shall make sure that they have HUGE storage containers (charged to they budget!) so that filth is not spread across our recently cleaned couches. Or they will cease to breath.

On the positive, it meant that we didn’t open during student breaks, so no having to discipline students and teach them how to behave in a library.  Hopefully, after two weeks of school, many of the more difficult students from last year will have found somewhere else to hang out. I can only hope!

We reopen for breaks on Monday. It may also be the opening of “potato drinking season” for Minerva and I.

Just to make things more exciting, I developed an infection in my “gone” eye and was out for two days. Eye drops, antibiotics, blood tests and swabs. It is improving now, but an infection in an eye socket (my right eye was removed due to a tumour when I was 18, for those who are new to my blog) is nothing to ignore. A little close to the brain, but as Mr FD gleefully informed me, that one needs to possess a brain first. We were not amused, and he is now aware of his folly.

Saturday has become “Play day with Grandma”, since Petite Fille moved in. I am not sure how this came to be, but it does appear that Daughter1 and Mr Boy have a Saturday to do list connected to their house renovations and Petite Fille is only too happy to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa.

Today, we watched through the window as Grandpa drove the ride-on mower about the lawn. It was especially fun when it started to rain, and Grandpa became soaked through. Later, Grandpa disappeared through the garden to mow the footpath. Not long after, Grandpa reappeared on foot. “The mower is broken! I can’t get it to restart!”

Son went down later to check it out. Yes, it was out of petrol. I think it was a ploy to get Son to finish the job. If not, Mr FD is becoming a real worry…

Oh yes, another week of drama, intrigue and mystery in the world of Flamingo Dancer.


9 thoughts on “another week in Flamingo Dancer world

  1. Earlier last year, our IT team came into the classrooms to install a WiFi system. We were all grateful until they popped open the ceiling tiles and left dust, drywall flakes, and little bits of cut wire all over the floor and desks. No offer to clean it up: they just packed their things and left, and it was the middle of the school day with the custodian gone until later in the afternoon. The teacher I was working with said, “I don’t want to sound sexist, but have you noticed that men rarely ever clean up after a project? It’s like they still expect their mothers to pick up after them.” Having survived remodeling projects and husband’s DIY weekends, I heartily agreed.


  2. Don’t let those loose cables get you down. I’m sure you’ll whip those boys into shape. Maybe stuff thrown around is a guy thing, I dunno.

    Eye socket infection, yikes. Makes my rhinovirus seem paltry by comparison. And what is it with men and lawnmowers?


    • Maybe I could whip them with the cords? Bit too kinky, and if you knew the men involved more than a big bit revolting. I know, I always have to steal the lime light, you get rhinovirus, I top you with eye sockets!
      I think we have about 6 lawn mowers of every known variety from hand push rotary to the ride on mower. Even one a friend bought from side of road for $2 and Son spent $100 fixing! It does work it seems.


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