The voice in my head


Bottom Mallard’s name was not really Bottom; for surely no parents would be so cruel as to moniker their offspring Bottom. No, Bottom Mallard’s name was in fact, Bottomly. Bottomly Aloysius Mallard.

“I chose Aloysius,” his mother was fond of explaining, “because it means famous warrior and I knew the moment you were placed in my arms that you would one day be a great and famous warrior.”

“And Bottomly?” Bottom had asked the once. “Why did you choose the name Bottomly?”

“It was your father’s choice.” Mrs Mallard, who was often rather verbose on most subjects, remained tightlipped on the subject there after.


The name Bottom Mallard popped into my brain as I was driving home this afternoon, and by the time I had driven the forty five minutes home, I had the character, if not the story.

I hope that Bottomly Aloysius Mallard speaks to me a little more. I think I like him already.


Copyright 2016.

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