Valentine’s Day – do you need it?

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Do you celebrate St Valentine’s Day? Mr FD and I don’t – a bit too commercial for us. Also, one day of attention wouldn’t make up for 364 days on indifference or neglect if that was the case. If you do, I hope the day met your expectations.

I don’t quite understand the trend for marriage proposals to be on such a grand scale that it needs months of planning and a cast of dozens.

Before I go further, I should disclose that Mr FD proposed to me while we were in a glasshouse at his university. He was watering his research plants and I was sitting on an upturned drum, it was just weeks after I had undergone eye surgery and so I was sporting a rather large eye patch. I think that proposal has meant more to me than any Hollywood styled event every could have.

So, I don’t understand why anyone has to think he needs to sky jump out a plane to land at his beloved’s feet to proposal. Do they think beyond that day to what marriage really means?


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – do you need it?

  1. Yep, I’m totally with you. Way too hyped up and commercial. We don’t go in for it at all. My hubby proposed to me while we were on a beach but it was more funny than romantic. He was on a rock and almost fell in to the surf when he asked me, sort of epitomised our life ever since. He still makes me laugh, even 26 years later.

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  2. We are of like minds.

    Anthony proposed (the second time, since I was adamant about non-marriage on all that when he first broached the subject several years prior) right after returning from a long, grueling week working a terrible movie in Vegas. I’d sent tokens from me and Li’l D to his hotel room, which had more of an impact than I realized. He’d barely made it in the door before hugging me tight and thanking me and saying other stuff I’ve forgotten before ending with, “Will you marry me?”

    Since he didn’t have a ring, we used a Green Lantern one until his grandma gave me one of hers.

    It was perfect, no skywriting or marching bands or any of that needed.

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  3. Are all of these grand demonstrations becoming something we expect – or more precisely, what the young and romantic expect? The bigger, the grander, the more I know you love me? And then real life sets in, kids come, they work harder and longer – they get tired. And bored. No grand gestures. Then what?

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  4. I so agree with you and was pleased to recently read about a study that showed a correlation between huge expensive weddings and rate of divorce. It’s not just Valentine’s Day and proposals around here. Now kids do “promposals” for their senior proms. Crazy! Do they really think real life will be like that?

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  5. I agree. I am appalled by these “reality” shows about wedding consultants and bridal couples who spend insane amounts of money on the spectacles they call their weddings. Yes, it’s TV and yes, the glamour is the point, but only once have I heard a bride say the ceremony is what’s really important. I’m betting her marriage lasts.

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