need to know basis is sometimes too much knowing or needing

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I am a fairly patient person. Let me rephrase that. I try to be a patient person. Lately though I have been struggling with Minerva’s need to finish an explanation or her back grounding to a decision or question, long past the post of me having given my feedback or decision.

Once she starts her story, that story must be completed. I will have summed up the information she has provided, given a verbal reply and be communicating through my body language (usually starting to face away from her, one foot poised to step onward, ever onward) and she is still “The I said…and she said… and I thought….” I just want her to shut up. MOVE ON.

That’s not nice is it? Me, not her. She is long winded, She should do something about that, or at least know that if I have given my reply I don’t need the colour of the buttons on the dress of the person who- well you know what I mean.

This can happen several times a day.

I like Minerva, I really do. I’m not allowed to hit her though am I?

8 thoughts on “need to know basis is sometimes too much knowing or needing

  1. LOL. I have my own Minerva. Absolutely no non-verbal or verbal request is picked up on, to the point I’m considering actually walking away mid-flow of thought since my performance is measured not by my ability to listen to long-winded meanderings outside my job but to how I perform a specific set of functions (not easily performed with distraction abundant).

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  2. I feel your pain. My sister does this, and we live together. Even when I’ve already heard the story or the explanation, nothing short of a direct meteorite strike will stop her from reciting the speech all over again. Sharp-edged courtesy is my self-defense move. “Yes, thank you, you made that clear the first time.”

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  3. Well Hi there! What a great blog! Glad I discovered you this morning! A fellow ‘quite young’ baby boomer with similar interests! I love the look of your blog, your writing style, and that you are a fellow reader and collector of quotes! I’ll be back often!

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  4. My mom could never tell a short story, either, although with her it wasn’t so much the extraneous detail but all the rabbits she’d chase when she’d remember something else slightly relevant that she thought she needed to include.

    I catch myself trying to cram too much detail in when I’m trying to tell someone something, too. Eek!


  5. I live with someone who is, I believe, the most frustrating story teller in the world. RM (roommate) goes down rabbit trails. I have to redirect her. Usually I just tell her to give me the short version. She also repeats stories and information. I call her the “repeat offender” . I blatantly correct her. She is getting better, at least with me. You’ve known Minerva for years. You might try setting some limits. Lucy


  6. my sister was like that. i took great joy in redirecting her stories at every pause. if she accidentally utter, “ya know?”, I would interrupt to say, “no. I don’t know!” and she’s lose her entire train of thought. I say you make a game of it!


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