another day of earthly matters


Home on strike today. Really. Teachers are striking for a full day as employers have failed in over 12  months of negotiations to reach a deal with the teachers for better pay and conditions.

I am making the most of the day – hey, I am not being paid so the day is mine. I have booked a massage for later in the day. First time to a local masseuse so fingers crossed that it won’t be a pounding or knotting experience, but then again, not simply an oil rub. I am seeking relief from with my shoulder pain.

This week I found myself discussing “louse, lice and nits” with the year sevens. I brought the conversation to an end with the statement, “Yes, we can get lice anywhere on our body where we have hair, but we are not discussing that today…” No, it wasn’t sex ed, it was a literacy class!

I think we need danger pay too – we never know where a discussion will take us.

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