a day it was, what a days it was


The doctor asked me what sort of week I had lived.

“A little the same, a little bizarre.”

“Sounds like the life of a teacher,” he replied.

He is right. Most days have a similarity to all the other days, but then looking over the week there are always exceptions to each day.

One day it was finding out some senior students were taking video and pictures of staff and putting them online as memes. The serious stuff was finding out that they were also taking pictures of fellow students and photoshopping them into sexual positions. The matter has gone to police. (I think I missed that bullet)

Same day, trying to raise awareness of International Women’s Day, I sent a memo that included a photo of Cleopatra, and a colleague complained that I, “as a fellow feminist”, should not use photos of Cleopatra scantily clad. Have you ever not seen a photo of Cleopatra not scantily clad? To my mind it was the fashion of the time. Body image, I was reminded. Yeah, girls are going to compare themselves to an oil painting of a female who lived thousands of years ago.

“Point” taken, I said, thinking what a western world problem it is, while at the same time women are dying for trying to get an education, or walking down the street to find food for their families.

The next memo will have an African American astronaut in her full neck to foot space gear, that surely won’t bring complaints. Not that anyone should bet on it.

Earlier that day, an ASD student had a melt down kicking furniture, screaming and banging doors as I asked him to do something he didn’t want to do. It’s exhausting for him no doubt, and he wound up being placed in the responsible thinking classroom, but it is also exhausting for his classmates, and for the teacher. I saw him next period, and he was back to his usual behaviour, but I needed a strong coffee and to remind myself not to take it personally.

Then, the doctor tells me my shoulder impingement, yes I have an impingement, how special am I; is due to getting older. I am not ready for getting older. Only the day before I said to son in law, that I had become one of those old people who smells of liniment.

He replied, “I thought  your mouth wash was extra strong.”

Mouth wash, what mouth wash? Do I need mouth wash now too?

6 thoughts on “a day it was, what a days it was

  1. So Cleopatra. queen of all Egypt, was not a feminist? In the name of Isis (the Egyptian goddess, not the terrorist organization), pass me an asp. It is truly un-feminist to despise the female body, regardless of whether she’s wearing a see-through gauzy gown or is covered in a burka. It also ought to be pointed out that many younger women who regard themselves as feminists have no problem with wearing make up, push-up bras, short skirts, even bikinis. If someone admonished them for being too titillating to be feminists, they’d snap back it’s the viewer’s problem, not theirs.

    As one who works in special education, I’m all for including students with disabilities in the general ed classroom. If they become a danger to themselves or others, then no, they should be in a classroom designed to handle their behavioral issues. Are there no aides to help this particular ASD student?

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  2. Lol, so you can’t be sexy and a feminist? Wow, I bet you can’t be a stay at home Mum and be one either. And yes, I’m sure someone would have a problem with your astronaut.

    Lolling at the old people smells. I met my mother at a shopping centre one day and after we’d finished doing her jobs she said to me – make sure you tell me if I turn into one of those old people who smell.

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  3. Oh sister, I hear you…Please, oh please don’t let the system break you. You teach kids who depend on your ability to keep your awesome sense of humor in an insanely stupid, mixed up, sometimes irrational school culture. Or at least hang on by your fingernails until you just.can’t.take.it.anymore! Then you might cave and start YOUR voyage!


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